In 2012, I published, “The Privileged Addict.” The story tracks my descent into chronic drug addiction and the crippling depressions that ensued during periods of sobriety. I wrote this book to detail the specific set of spiritual actions that changed me forever. I felt compelled to illuminate the truth about addiction, the flaws in conventional treatment programs, and how AA has split into two different programs. More importantly, I wanted to describe exactly what I did to become recovered. Achieving physical sobriety alone is essentially useless. No offense, but what is the point of getting sober only to fight and struggle through each day, chained inside our twisted, self-absorbed minds? An addict must change from deep within, ridding himself of the poison that has brought him down, warped his mind, and destroyed all things precious in life. In the end, he or she may need spiritual help beyond the scope of human aid.

This site contains more than 500 posts I’ve written about the spiritual nature of addiction, recovery and the addict mind – how and why the addict drinks, uses, thinks and acts the way he or she does – how the addict schemes and manipulates to get what we want – how we steal your time, energy, love and money while continuing to fool you that we are just victims of a blameless disease acquired through no fault of our own, that we are somehow unique in our suffering, and that you are doing the only right and just thing by enabling us.

Other posts discuss families, spouses and codependency, how NOT to help us, what to do for YOURSELF. There are also articles on the myriad of specific tools we can harness such as the spiritual actions of the Twelve Steps including prayer, meditation, written inventory and service, not to mention other effective tools such as exercise, simple menial activities, changes in attitude and how we perceive ourselves, our feelings, events, relationships, and so on. There are articles on various philosophies, religious traditions, real vs empty spirituality and God. There are articles on concepts such as letting go and non-resistance. There are articles on the failure of new age self-help and the slew of status quo treatment strategies such as CBT, harm reduction, relapse prevention, trigger identification, role play, individual therapy, group therapy, meetings, the industry of psychology and psychiatry, psychotropics and other pharmaceutical interventions. There are articles that discuss periphery topics such as our shift and decline in culture and our collective approach to addiction, the disease model, the so-called “compassionate” model, the failure of the pharmaceutical model, the dual-diagnosis hoax and the pressure to seek fruitless, secular solutions by increasing taxes, laws and government. And then there are hundreds of additional articles on other relevant topics.

This site will open your eyes to addiction, recovery and codependency. It will answer the many questions you and your loved ones have about addiction and shine a bright light on the confusing nature of this malady. It will illuminate the many truths you might even feel in your gut but are suffocated today by the endless pile of false and watered-down assumptions, theories and solutions peddled by mainstream forums, media and “experts.”

God bless you.



20 Thoughts.

  1. I’d like to hear your take on us recovered alcoholics regaining choice. I’ve been confronted by many die hard alkis that fight tooth and nail about we NEVER regain choice! I simply disagree.

  2. A beautiful breathe of fresh air this new site is!!!
    Never stop writing, it is the work God chose you for.
    Love it and You!

    • Entirely my pleasure, Jackie. Thanks for reaching out. I’d love to have you as a subscriber, if possible. Otherwise, I’ll try to change the Free Posts page from time to time 😉 God bless you.

  3. Another topic for later that I would like to see is this Spiritually fit thing. Personally, I stay Spiritually fit, my behaviors may not always be something to write home about but I’m Spiritually plugged in constantly…many will throw daggers at my assertion and some just resort to simple minded name calling. One day, some of your insight would be helpful. Thanks

    • Thanks, Robert, will do. Just to note, virtually all of the new articles will be published on the members page, so if possible, I’d love to have you subscribe. Bless you.

  4. Hi Charlie, today I became proud member of your website. I love reading your posts. I am a mother of an addicted daughter whose idea of recovery is abusing Suboxone and Adderall…also loves alcohol and combination of this cocktail makes her dysfunctional and homeless. I can’t reach her and not enabling works but it’s not fast enough. I thought what if we, the family members, became more effective and to do it we need more tools in our toolbox. What do you think about an idea of adding a short video where the world can see that recovery is real? It’s hard for me to explain solution to my addicted daughter. God bless you.

    • Jana, God bless you. You have no idea how much this means to me, and I am so proud and grateful to have you as a member. Your idea about the video is awesome and it hit me like a tons of bricks. I had planned to produce video logs down the road for members, but putting out some kind of general, staple video of my experience for everybody is such a good idea. And you’re so right that it helps to SEE recovery. Seeing recovered people articulate their experience and glow with Spirit certainly inspired me to act, to fall in love with recovery, to yearn for what they had inside.

    • Love you, Hae. God bless you. Thank you. I’ve also visited your site and admire your gift. Your studio is beautiful. Wish I lived in NY and could visit for a treatment!

  5. Hi Charlie, what an inspiration to people, both in active addiciton and those in recovery. WHole-heartedly agree with your statement: ” what is the point of getting sober only to fight and struggle through each day?”

    My sentiments exactly as I never got clean and sober to be miserable – I’ve had enough of that. Great site, thanks.

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