Suspending Disbelief

     Someone came to me recently about a problem they had with the spiritual element of the AA program. I say spiritual and not religious, as religious implies adherence to a specific doctrine or creed filled with codes and rituals. AA does not wish to force feed anybody religious doctrine. It does however question whether a chronic and hopeless alcoholic can quit upon a non-spiritual basis. If that be the case, we must then be at least willing to accept that there is something Greater than us that can solve our problem. We must turn to God.
     But if we are athiest or are particularly stubborn or proud, we may have to temporarily suspend our disbelief in order to open that door. So we simply take all of our beliefs and attitudes and carefully move them aside. While they are temporarily suspended, we embark on the Twelve Steps and see what happens. Chances are that if we are thorough and fearless with our Step work, something happens to us along the way and we suddenly find it easy to accept spiritual concepts and the existence of God, of spiritual Power.
     Whether we call it God or Higher Power or Buddha or Tao or Yahweh makes little difference. All that we addicts need in order to recover is a simple willingess to accept the presence of God or God-Power. Right then and there can we begin to rely on this great and limitless power to guide us through our once chaotic lives. We can stop and pray and listen. We can use this power to help us do things that we previously could not do on our own. 
     I was in shock and awe at all the things that I could suddenly and quite easily achieve once I let go of my arrogance (arrogance regarding admitting defeat) and self-will, once I got underneath something and began to give credit where credit was due. Once I realized that the power of God was solely responsible for fixing me and was solely responsible for my ability to do right and achieve success, I was well on my way. All good things that have come to me are from God and are God. And all the power I now have to achieve something or to be a good person is given from God and is God. 

     And by the way, I’m still an obstinate bastard with a shitload of character defects… so nobody will ever convince me otherwise.

     God, help me to expel the poison within so that I may be filled up with Your power…

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