Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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From Asha Hawkesworth (, on Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

     Narcissists lack compassion and empathy. They are critical and contemptuous of others, lack a sense of humor, cannot recognize their true feelings, have a poor memory, are competitive, and contradict themselves often. They live in a fantasy world in which they have absolute power, beauty, and genius, which they expect everyone to recognize. Your memory of events and the narcissist’s memory will seldom match, because the narcissist has already rewritten events in their head in order to see themselves in a better light. Narcissists will be your best friend if you agree with their fantasies about themselves, but failing to validate them (by disagreeing with them) brings swift retribution. They are very quick to stab you in the back. Children of narcissists grow up believing that everything that is wrong in the relationship is due to their own failure—never the narcissist’s. Often, children of narcissists either come to believe in the narcissist’s fantasy, or they see the truth and disagree, making them the target of the narcissist’s wrath. Narcissists are emotionally and verbally abusive, and sometimes resort to physical abuse as well.

(See Grandiosity for more on narcissism.)

     Yikes… I think I’ll be staying away from NPD. I also realize that addicts and alcoholics are quite fortunate to not only have the capacity to be honest with themselves, but to also have access to a spiritual solution. What’s so unfortunate for pure narcissists is their inability to be honest. They have no idea how sick they are, and therefore have no chance to recover.

(And another great resource re narcissism – – Nothing at all to do with my mother, needless to say.) 

God, please rid me of the poisons of fear, dishonesty, selfishness and narcissism…

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  1. Charlie, this post is an old one…do you still agree with it? You have said in more recent posts that the diagnoses clinicians give people are nonsense – but judging from this post you think NPD is a more “real” problem than other diagnoses? Actually a valid diagnosis? You have also referred to addicts as narcissists in general, but judging from this post I assume you mean that addicts act like narcissists but they aren't really true, hard-core narcissists who are beyond help?

    If you could clarify this I would really appreciate it. I'm sorry if I've misunderstood something obvious.

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