The Bipolar & ADD Hoax

     Many alcoholics and addicts do not recover. Watered down AA is just one problem. Perhaps an even bigger problem is the entire Western medical community, an arrogant community that pushes theories, disorders and pharmaceutical treatments as if they were ordained by God.

     Many of us who wind up in any mainstream clinical setting will almost immediately be diagnosed with ADD and/or Bipolar Disorder (formerly Manic Depressive Disorder). Sorry, but both of these disorders are fabricated. To note, I know people who truly suffer from severe biochemical imbalance, and let me tell you that the slew of essentially normal people now getting slapped with the bipolar tag is complete nonsense.

     Many years ago, it was thought and medically accepted that bipolar did not manifest itself until the age of 18. Now small children and toddlers are being diagnosed with bipolar and medicated with powerful psychotropic drugs, some to their death. Guess why?

     Secondly, every child who doesn’t want to sit through a bunch of mindless public school classes is getting pinned with ADD or ADHD, neither of which is a permanent neurochemical condition. These are clear-cut social diseases, but again, millions are diagnosed.

     Now, take a look at the symptoms of Bipolar and ADD. Bipolar Disorder is a cycle between periods of mania and depression. Mania is characterized by over-active mental activity, grandiosity, delusions, etc. Depression is characterized by apathy, numbness, lack of pleasure or interest in just about anything.

     Hmm, that sounds strangely similar to ANY drug addict.

     Alcoholics and addicts mimic all of these behaviors. When we are drunk, jammed, or high as shit on cocaine, we are manic. When we run out and sink into the torture of withdrawal, we are depressed as all hell. Why is it that when I removed the drugs and took Steps, the “bipolar” suddenly disappeared? Why is it that after growing up a bit, writing some inventory, making some amends, helping others, meditating and praying consistently did my neurochemistry return to normal and remain that way ever since?

     It’s because our problem isn’t ADD or Bipolar. Our problem isn’t even really drugs and alcohol. Our problem is simply that we are empty. We are spiritually ill and we lack purpose and meaning.

     What’s so sad is that what we need is the exact opposite of more pills, more institutions, more doctors, and more therapy. And believe me, it is no coincidence that each of these mainstream solutions are peddled by multi-billion dollar industries and the sociopaths who run them. We don’t need to be someone’s guinea pig. Many of these basket case medications that they toss out like Skittles will mess us up big time in the long term. They will rewire our brain, rob us of our personality, annihilate our creativity, and forever categorize us as damaged goods.

     We need to instead find ourselves, find purpose, and perhaps cultivate a spiritual life. We need to grow up and stop being so unbelievably selfish. We need to motivate regardless of how shitty we feel in the morning, just like everybody else in the world. Having horrible feelings isn’t a novelty. Nor is having a bad day.

     Doctors, psychologists, and clueless social workers will tell you that your depression is caused by something other than you, something outside of yourself, that it is someone else’s fault, or that you perhaps caught it in the air. But for some reason they don’t tell you the truth. The truth is that it is our own fault. And no, I don’t mean that harshly. I simply mean that we are responsible for it. It is WE who give ourselves depression and WE are the only ones who can pull ourselves out of it. We make certain choices and we choose to respond to events a certain way. We are responsible for how we end up.

     Don’t count on some cocktail of psychotropic drugs to actually help or change you. And I also wouldn’t count on some hero with a PhD who thinks some insane science project will save you. In the end, all of this intervention might just kill us or facilitate some sort of psychotic break. Ever notice how there is now a medication for everything? Addicts and alcoholics, and perhaps all of us, must take back control of our lives if we want to be free inside…  and perhaps outside as well. Peace does not come from without, but rather from within.

Illusions of Psychiatry (Article)

2 thoughts on “The Bipolar & ADD Hoax

  1. Hi, I respect your opinion, and I understand that it is a reflection of your lived experiences. I am happy that you've found a way to achieve inner piece and happiness.

    However, I think you are publishing a really harmful message. I respect your right to post your opinion, but I am going to exercise my freedom of speech by responding.

    First off, ADD isn't a fabricated diagnoses. I was not some kid who didn't want to sit through a mindless ethnocentric public school education. I actually loved school, and I love college even more. I had problems in grade school, but I excelled in my later years of high school. However, I always had serious, serious trouble concentrating – even on subjects I was interested in. It took me 3x the amount of time it did the average student to complete any assignment, and I didn't mind putting in the extra work. I still don't. However, at the college level, it's too much. I do homework around the clock, and I mean I'm really working. I'm not going on facebook; I'm not texting. I'm sitting there trying to read, because I want to learn and I take great pride in my work. However I have to read even the simplest paragraphs 3 times before I can understand it. The individual words in a sentence make sense to me, but I can't comprehend them unless I read them 3 times. So, eventually, I caved in and began to use add medication. It's been a tremendous help, and I regret nothing. I'm proud of my decision, and I'm proud of my accomplishments.

    Second, I have NEVER had a therapist tell me that depression was someone else's fault. My therapists have told me that my depression is not my “fault” but that I can take steps towards overcoming depression. They repeatedly tell me that they cannot make me feel better. They can try to help me work through things and give some therapeutic advice, but it is ultimately I who will make myself better. For me, part of taking action to be better is taking Prozac. That's right, I take Prozac everyday, and I'm glad I do, because it helps tremendously. Depression is not a “bad day”, it is not just “horrible feelings”. Depression, for me, is being unable to get out of bed in the morning. It is failed suicide attempts. So Prozac allows me to get out of bed in the morning, and then I do the rest of the work. I try my best to manage my emotional reactions.

    “Some cocktail of psychotropic drugs” alone, is certainly not enough. However, medicine in combination with therapy, can really allow people to progress. It really has allowed me to progress.

    And honestly – I don't really care if you agree with me or not. Medication and therapy allow me to do the work that I want to do, and to work towards becoming a better person. As long as I'm not hurting anybody, I don't see what's wrong with that.

    I just want anybody who already feels guilty or ashamed for having depression, or add, that might stumble across this blog to see a second set of experiences.

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