Binge Drinkers

      Alcoholism is not a function of when you drink, it is a function of how you drink. I don’t care if you can sit there and wait a month or two between binges. Doesn’t matter. You could have the so-called willpower to hold out for an entire year, but still be a 100% deranged alcoholic. It really doesn’t matter how long you can personally bide your time.

     What matters is what happens to you once you take a drink. If you cannot stop once you start, you are an alcoholic. And if you think it’s not a problem because you only drink once in a while, then you have an alcoholic mind. A broken mind.

     In fact, binge drinkers are some of the worst. Because they wait so long to drink, what do you think happens? When they finally get their greedy paws on the bottle, they drink themselves almost to death. Furthermore, all of the off-time allows them to sink deeper and deeper into the depths of their depression, anger, fear and self-hatred. So you basically have a demonic, coiled spring just waiting to explode. Frightening. At least the daily drunk is constantly soothing and escaping his lunacy. He makes what takes place in his mind a bit more bearable.

     But the binge drinker is a shining example of extremes. And because of these extremes, they are some of the least likely to recover. Sure it’s possible, but it usually requires a complete overhaul of their lives. They cannot simply take Steps and then go back to some meaningless job. And they probably shouldn’t be living alone. Binge drinkers should go to a sober community after treatment and embark on a life of purpose.

God, please rid me of my alcoholic mind…

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