Learning To Pray

     I remember kneeling down in the chapel up North to take a 3rd Step and hoping that I’d be able to connect deeply with the prayer. Don’t get me wrong, the prayers in the Big Book are beautifully written, but they aren’t written by me. I realized that if prayer was going to work on a daily basis, if it was going to access this Power that existed, then it would have to be much more personal. Prayers that were written 2000 years ago are lovely, but they’re not exactly our ‘language’, so to speak. So I started praying in my own language, in my own voice, using my own words. And I don’t attach all sorts of rules to my prayer. I don’t need to be clean before praying, or only pray on a special mat, or only pray in church, or make sure to pray before a certain meal, on a certain day, in a certain way. If you want to pray in the shower, on the toilet, or in front of a urinal, go for it. And make it your own.

    God, please keep me out of my fucking head today. God, please give me the power to walk through this exhaustion and get my ass to work. God, please help me not freak out on this Masshole driver. God, please give me the patience to talk to this annoying person. God, teach me how to meditate. God, help me to think one thought at a time. God, help me to be more honest. God, help me walk through this fear and make this amends. God, be with me as I go to work with this sponsee. God, teach me to better love and forgive myself so that I may better love and forgive others and do Your work well. God, help me to let go of my fear, anger and resentment… and instead live by Your principles of honesty, love, compassion, tolerance, courage and strength. 

And for others:

    God, please give this sponsee the power and willingness to take Steps thoroughly so he may find You. God, please embrace this relative and teach them to love and respect themselves. God, I pray for this annoying person I resent to have everything I want for myself – happiness, love, joy, abundance, health and inner peace. God, help me to be willing to go to any lengths to grow spiritually so that I may better serve You. God, please help me to think about others more often. God, please teach me how to better serve others. God, please bring the opportunity to help someone…

     Watch out for that last one. I guarantee you that praying for the opportunity to help someone will work every time. It’s an unselfish prayer, and these are by far the most powerful. My sponsor once said that God isn’t Santa Claus. I wish we could embrace that truth on a macro-religious level.

God, teach me how to pray…

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