Tao Wisdom 22, 24

If you want to become whole,
let yourself be partial.
If you want to become straight,
let yourself be crooked.
If you want to become full,
let yourself be empty.
If you want to be reborn,
let yourself die.
If you want to be given everything,
give everything up.

The Master, by residing in the Tao,
sets an example for all beings.
Because he doesn’t display himself,
people can see his light.
Because he has nothing to prove,
people can trust his words.
Because he doesn’t know who he is,
people recognize themselves in him.
Because he has no goal in mind,
everything he does succeeds.

He who stands on tiptoe
doesn’t stand firm.
He who rushes ahead
doesn’t go far.
He who tries to shine
dims his own light.
He who defines himself
can’t know who he really is.
He who has power over others
can’t empower himself.
He who clings to his work
will create nothing that endures.

If you want to accord with the Tao,
just do your job, then let go.

Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu
 Translated by Stephen Mitchell

Tao Te Ching

One thought on “Tao Wisdom 22, 24

  1. My God knows who He is and His light shines through the splendor of His people. For me, I will never understand how anyone can turn over all that they hold dear in their lives to a higher power who's character is so aloof. Jesus Christ said, “if you see Me, you see My father” and “I do nothing on my own , but everything My father does I do” He accepted worship and said He was the Messiah and “I Am” He is alive and able to keep us. How do you go under the image Tao Te Ching says and stand in the gap for the suffering? It is about suffering and drawing near the heart of God who is Jesus Christ. My heart prays for you all to know the God who created your life and calls for you to live and fellowship with Him— His character never changes and you can read His Bible, proverbs, the gospels, Jeremiah to see who He is. This dead man is alive seated at the right hand of God in His flesh working through His people to save all who are willing— the worst of the worst, but His way. May you come to the understanding of the One who died for you so that you could live.

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