Moral Relativity

     What is moral relativity?

     It means that anything goes. It means that if I don’t think something I did is wrong (even if it hurts you), then it isn’t. It means that what is right for me doesn’t have to be right for you and vice versa. It basically means that there is no more right and wrong.
    We now live in a culture/country of moral relativity and as a result, the individual and group conscience is dying. This is actually quite frightening, because when we no longer care about, or when we no longer commonly accept what is right and what is wrong, then we essentially become passive robots, or better yet, slaves, who allow all sorts of fraud, corruption and wrongdoing to occur all around us and to us.
     This is what’s now happening to America – especially in all facets of banking and government. This is why the unprecedented fraud, corruption and theft of the American people in 2008 and everyday since hasn’t been prosecuted in the slightest, and it never will be. Why? Because so few know the truth and so few care, especially the sociopathic powers that be. In fact, facilitating and lying about fraud has become the mandate of the current administration as well as the entire house and senate.
     This is why the federal reserve is ‘printing’ money to buy your worth-less mortgages (your loss in home value isn’t being marked to market by the banks – this is accounting fraud), as well as ‘printing’ money to buy treasury bonds in order to service the interest on a parabolic national debt that will soon crash the entire system. Then they are selling the newly created bonds (dollars printed are exchanged for bonds) to foreigners so they can then take those dollars and come buy everything up or just be left holding the bag like everybody else, as the dollar steadily loses value.
     Essentially, you (the middle class) are being extinguished financially, along with your children’s future (as it is now mathematically impossible to grow our way out of this = debt will continue rising), knowingly and with purpose, but nobody really knows and nobody really cares. The truth? Our entire economy is fake, as it functions on a debt-based monetary system. Our prosperity has been borrowed into existence, and therefore has been funded by the expansion of debt. What happens when we can no longer borrow and print our way into growth and prosperity…???
     As a result of all this, the dollar paradigm will be coming to an end this decade, as the US/UK hegemony slowly comes apart. Much of our purchasing power will be destroyed as the powers that be inflict rampant inflation upon us in order to line their own pockets and the pockets of the largest, most corrupt banks in the world. The dollar is already being rejected in international trade. Power is shifting back East. The Chinese yuan will be backed by gold and will vie to replace the dollar as the new world reserve currency, or at least be a major player. Regardless, the international monetary system will be reset and replaced after the largest debt bubble in history pops. If you think 2008 was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
     Forgive me, I digress. Back to addiction. Who else lives by the degenerate philosophy of moral relativity? Drug addicts. Drug addicts will justify any number of the sick, twisted, harmful, selfish, manipulative or destructive things that they do thanks to the sacrilegious doctrine of moral relativity. They simply believe that what they are doing isn’t wrong and magic! It suddenly isn’t wrong. It doesn’t matter if it hurts or affects you negatively. Since I don’t believe what I’m doing is wrong, then it somehow isn’t.
     That is moral relativity. It is a warped and backwards way of thinking and it is destroying us. Once we cross that line, it is very hard to come back. When nobody cares and nobody wants to do anything anymore, we are, for all intents and purposes, a culture of serfs. And if that happens, we are finished. Perhaps this is why Jersey Shore and The Kardashians are the two most popular shows in America. This sort of garbage and distraction, along with moral relativity in general, reflect a culture that is experiencing a macro spiritual problem… no?

2 thoughts on “Moral Relativity

  1. I have to agree, Charlie. What I want to know is how do addicts turn back? I think it is turning your attention from yourself to serving others? Is this the secret sauce which turns a moral relativist to moral absolutes.

  2. Gandhi said it best I think “be the change you want to see in the world”. Changing the world starts with me cleaning my side of the street. Never thought about our economic problems being similar to how we think in active addiction. What scares me in meetings is when I have asked valid questions in the past and I get this “quit overthinking it!” nonsense. Funny how in the Big Book it encourages people to use their brains. When I hear some timid person shrieking that phrase I wonder in what way are they trying to manipulate me. Only true way to take advantage of someone, get their money, infect them with a mind virus, etc, is to get them to shut down their brain and then hit them in their emotions. If you get them to shut down their brain they are not able to think critically and see the games. I have learned to not ask those questions in meetings anymore and simply ask my higher power, amazing how answers that actually make sense eventually come to me. What makes me just shake my head is when I mention one of those answers and the same person or people who attacked me for asking the question just get this glazed over look in their eyes, nod their head up and down, and say “wow, that is profound, never looked at it that way before…”, why bother asking them…

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