Animal Messengers

     I’m reaching the point where I’ve pretty much written what I know about addiction, recovery, and the spiritual solution, minus a few academic details that nobody needs to be bored with at this point. So I’m not sure too much more needs to be said. I have a few more posts up my sleeve in an effort to make this thing a full, one-year project. I recommend that if any of this makes sense to you or that you find it useful, go back and read all of the previous posts, when and if time permits.

     Regarding animals and messages, after a single comment from a staffer up North, I packed my bags and was ready to throw away everything I’d worked so hard for. I was on the precipice of change, about to read a moral inventory of my entire life. I’m quite sure that the Red-Tailed Hawk I saw after walking out of the director’s office up North was telling me to grab an opportunity that I may lose forever.

     Years ago my mother gave me Medicine Cards, a Native American book that describes the messages that certain animals bring to us when we need them. The hawk, for instance, is just that, a messenger, and tells us to either be aware of a coming opportunity, or to beware of possible danger. Other animals may be telling us to nourish ourselves or simply bask in the sun for a while. And yet others may be telling us that we are giving our power away to someone or something else. By examining the traits of our native animals, Native Americans were able to deduce distinct messages about ourselves, our families, our careers, our pride, our egos, our self-esteem or our self-image, amongst many others.

     Now when I see a hawk, I take notice. I try to stay aware of an opportunity coming my way, or that perhaps there is a coming roadblock in my life path. One way or the other, it is this awareness that can serve us addicts tremendously. All we have to do to become aware is to remain in the present moment. Do just what we’re doing right now. The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet, and thus neither exist.

     And remember the message from the berry detox tea I had a few nights ago – Chances multiply if you grab them.

God, help me to be where my feet are, that I may live with greater awareness…

2 thoughts on “Animal Messengers

  1. In the fields of observation, chance favors only the prepared mind. Thank you for sharing your life & insights with us.

    My son has been sober for a week now. He usually relapses around now. I hope like you, he sees his red tailed hawk, and builds a lasting recovery.

  2. I will go back and read your entries….I wrote my first comment to you early last week I dropped my daughter off at detox again lste thursday night…left there thanking god she is still alive and let this time bring her one step closer to finally walkinh away from her scary lifestyle she is leading.


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