Ah, Just Take Right Action

     People don’t get addiction. I’ll never understand why there are so many different remedies and treatment methods out there, especially stuff that cost so much. Makes no sense. The only explanation is that we are succumbing to the addict’s desire for easier, softer ways and half-ass measures. Bad idea.


     Because the only thing any addict needs to do to get better is just to take a shitload of right action. I guarantee you that if you take action all day, everyday, week after week,  month after month, year after year, you will be completely okay.

     Fine, but what actions do I take, you may ask. Well, that’s what the Steps are for. If you spend every free moment you have praying, meditating, writing inventory, making amends, nourishing your relationships, or helping other addicts, there is no way you will relapse. Guaranteed.

     Exercise helps too, and it’s a nice little upgrade from chain-smoking butts, slurping iced coffees and clenching a sobriety chip all day long.

     Fact: The only people who don’t make it are those who don’t really want to change. They simply aren’t willing to take this kind and this amount of action.

     So again I ask, why are there countless medications, remedies, treatment models and other expensive nonsense out there when there is one very simple solution and its free? It’s called: take right action and don’t stop. Oh, and trust in God. Problem solved.

God, teach me that my spiritual health and my relationship with You come before everything…

One thought on “Ah, Just Take Right Action

  1. I just kicked my 21 year old son pot addicted son out of the house because of his using. I tried time and again to try to fix him and ultimately just gave up and asked him to leave. Unless he want to fix himself as you say he won't. He has all the tools of AA at his disposal, but does not have the will to take the steps. I wonder what it takes for an addict to realize that they have to turn?

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