Addict or not, no one can escape Karma. Cause and effect is absolute. It is a truth. If we hurt someone, we will hurt ourselves. If we help someone, we will help ourselves. If we lash out at others, they will lash out at us. And if they do not immediately retaliate, rest assured that your luck will change in some other way. When we wrong or abuse others, we have at that very moment set in motion the irreversible law of cause and effect. Sure regretting our wrong or attempting to make it right is very constructive, but nothing will save us from reaping what we sow, one way or another. This is one of many unfortunate (or fortunate) facts that all addicts have to come to grips with if they are to truly recover and effect real and lasting change.

     Crucial to my recovery and to turning from a man-child into a responsible, accountable man was understanding and embracing the law of cause and effect. Cause and effect is a universal law that is reciprocal. It holds true not just in the physical realm but in the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual realms as well. What we think, say and do all have consequences, whether we like it or not, and whether we believe it or not. The single most important thing for an addict to smash into his foggy head is the knowledge that everything he or she does has a consequence in kind. All negative thoughts, words, actions and behaviors yield negative consequences. Conversely, all positive thoughts, words, actions and behaviors yield positive consequences. Whatever we do, rest assured we will reap the consequences spiritually (‘spiritually’ meaning inclusive of all realms).
     But once we learn, understand and embrace this law, once we begin to truly care about what we think, what we say, what we do… then there in nothing that can stop us. There is nothing that can tempt us or throw us off of our new path. Relapse is then unthinkable because we know deep in our hearts that everything we do will come right back and slam us in the face. We will have reckoned with God. We will come to know the only fear on earth that is healthy: The fear of doing wrong.
God, remind me everyday that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction…
     To note, there will also be consequences to much larger, collective actions, such as our collective profligacy and the ensuing result, not the least of which is the blatant, immoral and ruthless annihilation of our children’s future and standard of living:
     If anyone thinks that our national debt is serviceable at market-determined interest rates, than I can’t help you. The federal reserve isn’t manipulating interest rates at 0% to stimulate the economy and help the people of America. On the contrary, ZIRP is destroying seniors and savers (aka the middle class) who rely on interest income. So no, it’s not for you or me. The fed won’t ever raise interest rates because at a reasonable 4 or 5%, the government would default. ZIRP is nothing more than an illegal subsidy (ongoing bailout) for the banks and a way to cover up the fact that our government is completely insolvent, or broke as a joke, if you prefer.
     The truth is that the whole thing is a scam, and even more depressing is that so few have any clue about our monetary system, that every dollar out there has been borrowed into existence and has to be paid back with interest, thus ensuring inflation, ever-growing debt, and a lower standard of living for future generations. Why the scam, you may ask? You can figure that out on your own, but if you think the lunatics in Washington, the criminals at the big banks, and the ivory tower counterfeiters at federal reserve are on your side, then you might want to stop drinking the Kool Aid before your retirement takes a nosedive all over again.

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  1. Your recent blog couldn't have come at a better time…I commented in beginning of February that I dropped my daughter off at detox…7th time in six months…she stayed went into a holding and currently in halfway house…the other day she called me saying very degrading horrible things to me…I thought….hmmmm this her without drugs….I hope she realize s the consequence if her hurtful awful words to me…and sees one day how much I live and care about her…I wish I could show her your post…it's exactly dead on!!

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