Are You Free?

Achieving physical sobriety is not an accomplishment, it is a requirement.

Achieving recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction is not an accomplishment, it is our responsibility.

     True freedom means we don’t just get sober and remain untreated lunatics, we work on ourselves until we are well, and then we go serve.
     True freedom means we forgo the psychotropics, the methadone maintenance, and yup, the suboxone. Sorry.

     True freedom means we don’t reward ourselves with sobriety chips just because we stopped hurting other people. 
     True freedom means we don’t pat ourselves on the backs for staying sober or for doing the right thing.

     True freedom means if we go to three meetings a day and we’re still out of our freaking minds, we consider embarking on some REAL WORK.
     True freedom means we don’t just ‘take what we want and leave the rest’, as half-ass measures will yield half-ass results.
     True freedom means understanding that our suffering ISN’T NOVEL, that we are just one of 7 billion who all feel the same things.
     True freedom means means we forgo the whining and complaining. We are not victims. Plus, it’s selfish.
     True freedom means we don’t let our feelings stop us.
     True freedom means we have the guts and the courage to take Steps.

     True freedom means we give 100, not 99% to the Steps.
     True freedom means we don’t leave anything out of our inventory.
     True freedom means we unearth the deepest, darkest, sickest skeletons in our closets. 
     True freedom means we make ALL of our amends, and those we can’t find we pray for God to put them in our path.

     True freedom means we never shy away when our help is sought or needed.
     True freedom means we don’t expect anything in return when we give of ourselves.
     True freedom means we speak up when something is wrong, even if we fear confrontation.
     True freedom means we are willing to step outside of our comfort zones.
     True freedom means we take more action when we start getting depressed.
     True freedom means we don’t live in the past or worry about the future, neither of which exist.
     True freedom means we live in the moment and just do what’s right in front of us (not my phrase).
     True freedom means we have faith and understand that so long as we do our best to live by spiritual principles, we will have everything we need.
     True freedom means we are still and we know that God lives in our hearts. We are at peace.

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