Beware The Establishment

     A tough illness calls for tough love…  

     Earlier this year I spoke at a support group for parents, and as usual, I was tough when it came to the question of drug treatments. First of all, listen to that: Drug therapy for drug addicts. One more time: Drugs for addicts. I’m not sure my message was that well received, as, not surprisingly, I haven’t heard from them since. Don’t get me wrong, they were gracious and many thanked me personally for sharing my experience, but meds are always a touchy subject.

     Dear parents, I’m trying to help you. I’m trying to spare you from the false and harmful ‘solutions’ peddled by the Establishment. They manipulate you emotionally, psychologically and financially in much the same way your addicts do. But regardless of the various reactions, I’ll keep trying to educate addicts and parents alike. I’ll keep trying to provide some hope and happiness where some prefer to remain in the comfort zone of pain and darkness.

     The Establishment will never get it. They will never understand the nature of addiction and thus the natural solution. There are plenty of remedies out there but not much in the way of solutions.

     Remedies failed me. A spiritual solution did not.


     Because someone who is powerless must be restored to power and nothing earthly can do that. And it’s only through this restoration of power the he or she may regain their willpower, their ability to choose not to drink or use drugs.

     I’ve never met a true addict or alcoholic out there who can remove their desire to drink without having a spiritual transformation, without having a profound psychic change, without the help of God, and without maintaining that relationship with God by adopting and living by spiritual principles.

    If anyone can prove me wrong about that, please, by all means, go ahead. If Narcanon atheism works, if Rational Recovery hubris works, if Smart Recovery CBT nonsense works, if McLean’s psychotropic cocktails work, if Methadone or Suboxone zombieism works, if sweat lodge orgies work, if stealing from taxpayers for unearned recovery high school diplomas and image-infirm principals work, if clueless doctors, social workers and addiction specialists work, if whatever you heard from the brainwashed media works, or if that over-priced, framed degree on your wall works… just let me know, k?

God, help the addicts and alcoholics and their families who still suffer find their way to You… 

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  1. I have a 21 year old daughter who is an addict. What would you recommend that will help her as opposed to the route you mention above? Thanks in advance

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