"How Does God Remove Your Mental Obsession?"

     Saw this search phrase/question on the stats page.

     Nobody truly knows the exact how of it, the precise mechanism of God’s power, which is surely unreachable and thus unknowable to us shallow, mundane creatures. The closest we can come to the answer is by experiencing it ourselves. Although once our obsession is removed and has become a reality, there is little need to ask the question anymore.

     But it seemed like such a genuine and sincere inquiry, I thought it deserved some kind of pathetic-at-best answer.

     Answer: God, being unlimited in Power, can do anything. He can literally rewire your brain such that you suddenly have no desire to drink or use. He restores your mind with the power of choice. As a direct result of rigorous spiritual work on self, a sincere desire and willingness to change, and when reaching out humbly, God can very suddenly or over time remove our obsession and restore us to sanity. God can alter our minds fundamentally, such that bio-chemical imbalances, obsessions, urges, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that have haunted us for years are removed and replaced with balance, sanity, reason, spiritual principles, an entire change in attitude and the birth of a strong and accurate moral compass… but only if we work hard for it.

     So if you are an alcoholic or drug addict and your obsession to drink or use is suddenly gone, you have no one to thank but God. Trust me, don’t thank yourself. You didn’t do it. If we have lost the power of choice, then how can we suddenly re-insert it? We can’t. If we have lost an innate power, the power of will, then it can only be restored by our Creator. This sort of power comes from somewhere outside of ourselves, somewhere well beyond the bounds of human faculty.

     If you are a true addict and you can quit ‘upon a non-spiritual basis’, then let me know… and also let me know what the quality of your recovery is. Let me know what your relationships look like, and your career, and your emotional and spiritual well-being. I’m curious. I’ve never seen it done before, which is why I write this blog. It’s why I wrote the book.

      A recent commenter (anonymous, of course) on some old post about triggers suggested I am grossly misguided regarding addiction, and that relapse prevention works for “most people”. Haha, that’s funny. Please. Talk to some parents, buddy. I went from an emaciated, lesion-covered, hopeless, pathological monster to completely and utterly free inside. I’m now a recovered alcoholic and heroin addict who hasn’t the slightest urge to self-destruct… I think I know what I’m talking about. But even so, who gives a shit about what I write? Um, does it matter one bit? I am nobody. So don’t worry about it.

God, please remove the obsession to drink and use drugs, and restore me to sanity…

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  1. My program of recovery does not include belief in god. And I cannot fake it till I make it, tried. I need to be rigorously honest with myself. So like buddhists, whom I admire, I substitute good for god in the steps. My obsession and craving are gone. I work the steps, have sponsor and in turn sponsor, do service work, i have made amends, as I could, and try to live a life that reflects the person I am aiming to be. I have a wonderful family, terrific friends, activities I love, new interests I am pursuing, and old dreams I'm pulling out of the closet of my mind. (I'm retired so perfect time to pursue new paths.), altogether I have a life that I am so grateful for. Therapy has helped me deal with childhood trauma and shame, allowing me to see abuser as sick person and forgive.

    I needed both aa and therapy, not just one. Both have given me my life. Stuff still happens, death, sickness, the unexpected, etc., but drinking is not my default solution any more. I have tools, I have choices,.
    I appreciate the fellowship and find the steps crucial for changing me. I have learned a lot in aa, and continue to go to provide hope to people like me, that they to can and will recover, if they change and grow, and that the steps are important. It is too easy to chase off a non believer with talk that only god can help. God is
    One way.
    The lowercase god of “your understanding” that aa says you can use, quickly morphs from anything, ie. Doorknob, the group, nature to an upper case GOD. Pretty hard to pray to waves, doorknobs, or the group. I have studied religions for sixteen years, and have made an informed decision to not believe. I am comfortable in this decision, and what I do believe, reality, the beauty of universe, power of good, love, compassion, service, higher self the best potential me, works for me.

    I explain spritual awakening in terms of psychic change. For example, to me there is no doubt the character of Scrooge underwent an immense personality change, as a result if seeing himself honestly thru eyes of the spirits of Christmas past, present, and future, identified what needed to change, and did so, making amends. I loved that part of the story, and the joy he felt he was literally a changed man. That was what Jung referred to.a psychic change. Displacement of old personality. The moment I realized that yes – I did want to live, my obsession disappeared, and I was filled with joy.

    My daily routine includes, please and thanks, review of day, and creation of gratitude lists. Gratitude has done so much to change my view of life, myself, and others. Given me hope and joy.
    The fourth step for me was key in understanding the reasons why I did things I did, and what I needed to change to be the best person I could be. To learn appropriate behaviors, to get outside of me. Making amends was immensely freeing. Once I knew what I needed to change I could plan and monitor. I still make mistakes, but progress is amazing. For me recovered includes freedom from craving, obsession, restoration of sanity, physical, mental, emotional, (spiritual if you allow that as amazing sense of gratitude, love), and from isolation to social, growth and financial stability. For me the promises have come true, and for that I am extremely grateful.

  2. I hear a lot of people at meetings say “don't pick up no matter what!” “Just get to a meeting and shut up!” If this we're the case and I had the ability to just stop using willpower I would have stopped after that first one 10 years ago.

  3. I hear a lot of people at meetings say \”don't pick up no matter what!\” \”Just get to a meeting and shut up!\” If this we're the case and I had the ability to just stop using willpower I would have stopped after that first one 10 years ago.

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