Origins of Addiction

     Addiction/alcoholism is simply a natural extension of a preexisting spiritual condition.

     Trust me, if we turn ourselves into addicts, there is something wrong with us spiritually. You don’t just become an addict because you broke your ankle and some doctor gave you vicodin and now you’re an addict even though you don’t have that type of personality and so it’s pretty much the doctor’s and the vicodin’s fault. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s our fault.

     We became addicts by selfishly avoiding discomfort. So us getting better must entail endless amounts of action, hard work and humility. We must demolish the belief that we can fix ourselves, that we can do anything because we are so amazing and so cool, so gifted and so genius. We must crush our arrogance and get underneath something. Sure we may be able to do all sorts of other things, but when it comes to drugs and alcohol, we are completely powerless. We have no control. So pretending like we can do what we clearly cannot is insane. When we’re ready to stop lying to ourselves, we need to get underneath God.

     Newsflash: Normal people feel all of the things we do (it’s called being human – we’re not special), but they are mature and courageous enough to face their feelings and do what’s right despite what they might be going through. This is also known as growing up. It’s what some refer to as becoming a responsible, accountable adult. Addicts should try it sometime. God knows America is in dire need of help as we spiral down the rabbit hole.

     P.S. Just to be clear, when I write these blogs, I’m simply talking to myself, so please don’t take offense if you’re another knucklehead addict out there reading this. I’m the demented shithead that I refer to when describing addicts. Writing these blogs reminds me of what got me better and what will continue to keep me better… and so they might resonate with other addicts or be somewhat useful for parents, spouses or friends of addicts who’d like some illumination on why we act like deranged idiots.

God, please help us to understand the nature of addiction, that we may better treat those who are afflicted and bring peace to those around us…

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