False Solutions

     Addicts don’t have a drug problem, they have a life problem…

     So we look for solutions until we find drugs and alcohol, which are certainly solutions, just not very good ones. It’s not quite accurate to say that addicts always want to feel good. I think the deeper truth is that we just want to be okay. If we were okay, we wouldn’t need drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and constant distraction. If we were okay, we would be content with the way things are. If we had peace, there would be no need for drugs and alcohol as a solution. Trust me, if we were filled up inside, if we replaced our emptiness not with drugs but with God, we’d be just fine. That’s what I did.

     The reason why so few get better is because they fail to replace their addiction with something as powerful as the drug itself. If we replace our addiction with something as powerful, we will achieve freedom. I replaced, or rather made an attempt to replace my addiction with spiritual principles, which opened up a line between me and God. Access to that kind of Power was enough to instantly restore me to sanity and banish my addiction forever. I am completely recovered. Yes, completely. Even the 2 packs of butts I used to suck down all day long like a pig.

     Drugs and alcohol of any kind will never be a problem for me. And not in an arrogant way. In a God way. God is real. Shoot, inhale or chug some of that instead.

God, please bring every suffering addict to You in their hopelessness and tire of false solutions… 

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