Get Over Ourselves

     Guess what?

     Even when we are sober, sane, honest and living right, life can get pretty dark, heavy, tough and challenging sometimes. But we walk thought it all, just like everybody else. That is how we get better, how we get stronger. It’s how we dissolve character flaws and how we build character.

     Addicts don’t get it. Our experience and pain is no more unique than anybody else’s. Going through tough times is called life on earth. This is key. We can accept that our life experience is both up and down, and push through it all. This is just what it means to be human. 
     We spend so much time while we’re using and even in recovery and especially in meetings talking about our feelings, thoughts, behavior, lives, relationships, what we’ve done, what we’re doing now, and on and on endlessly. Maybe we should consider veering away from the perpetual self-focus. Maybe we should try focusing on others, or even just living our lives without talking about it so much.

     Addicts LOVE to broadcast anything and everything about themselves, like a teenager – entirely clueless that nobody is looking at us, nobody else cares what we’re doing, what we’re saying or how we look. But since we’re not clueless teenagers with a case of developmental narcissism, perhaps we should get over ourselves?

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