Why Take Steps?

      Anybody can take Steps, and it’s probably not a bad idea. The actions involved in the Step process work to extract the toxic baggage within – the build-up of fear, anxiety, resentment, anger, depression, discontent, dissatisfaction, vanity, arrogance, self-centeredness and selfishness. By extracting negative perceptions, beliefs and behavioral patterns, by smashing attitudes, ambitions, motivations and delusions that have been driving us our entire lives, we become empty and free to allow something better to come in. Once cleaned out, we can become filled instead with humility, sanity, peace, positivity, responsibility, tolerance, other-centeredness and freedom. We can replace the darkness with light, with Spirit.

     Of course, addicts, like most people, will only try something if they know exactly what it is, how it works, and if it will work. We want results, we want them quick, and we want it to be easy. And when we fail, we LOVE to blame anything and everything other than ourselves. But when we fail in the Steps, it is not the Steps that failed us, nor is it the fault of anything or anybody else outside of ourselves. Your success in the Steps is entirely up to you. It is between you and God.

     By the way, if your sponsor has any clue at all, he will never tell you to do something that he hasn’t done himself. That is not our job as Step sponsors. Our job is simply to tell you what we have done, what worked for us. Our job is to take you through the process laid out in the Big Book. That’s all. And we are not responsible for your results. Again, that is entirely up to you.

     So what you get out of this process is directly proportional to what you put into it. If you give everything you have, if you are thorough and fearless, and most importantly, if you really want to change, then you will. The universe will conspire to bring you opportunities to change. You will strangely bump into people you owe amends to from years ago. Chances to help others will drop out of the sky, especially if you pray for them. It is mystical.

     If you let go of self, of needing to do everything and control everything on your own, freedom is yours. Take the leap. Have blind faith. Challenge yourself, give back and do the right thing. We owe it to the people in our lives. We owe it to the world. So go ahead… change.

God, please bring me the opportunity to help someone today…

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