Holier Than Thou

     It’s funny, I went to a place that suggested I smash my pride and arrogance to bits. The notion of Holier Than Thou was to be destroyed and replaced with an attitude of humility, acceptance, kindness and tolerance. Guys I used to meet and share with always highlighted and emphasized the Big Book passage, “We are those who would normally not mix. But there exists among us a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful…” as if to proudly show how anyone can come together to share this solution and bring it to others.

     Well, that has changed a bit. Some of us in recovery and in the Steps have formed some fairly exclusive cliques, limited to those who meet certain specifications, and unfortunately, wanting to be involved in sharing and bringing this solution to others isn’t one of them. This is what all of us must watch out for in recovery – becoming exclusive, superior, cocky. I’ve been guilty of it myself. And how comical for an addict to have spiritual pride of all things. How ridiculous, considering the source.

     Any of us who have supposedly recovered but who believe ourselves to be too cool for school, who rest comfortably in our Holier Than Thou fog, are perhaps no better at all. In fact, we are probably dangerous and our sponsorship is dangerous. Looking back on my own hubris and isolation at times, exclusivity and superiority tend to be the ideologies of proud tyrants, fear-driven phonies, and the spiritually ill.

God, please remind me that I can help no one with a Holier Than Thou attitude…

One thought on “Holier Than Thou

  1. This is classic people aren't very inviting I ran into an old friend now sober.thia person I actually advised to get help where I was recommended to go by you. And after They were out were too cool for me and better than man I.see this person time to time and not a lot has changed . I ran into him the other day say down to chat with him and his friend. He talked bit you could tell he was too cool and set in his ways. I wouldn't be gettin a phone call from him anytime soon,nor would I like to sit at his table. I.learned in.Minnesota to be friendly and anyone is welcome. That's what I saw day one of aa as I began my journey, which was very appealing to me. I feel my ways have been slightly tainted due to these stuck up pricks. One guy's at his sober house. Said hey to me I replied back hey man.and he said man nobody calls me man especially in my own house. I thought in my head should I have said whats up dickhead. But I.walked out.of that sober house and never returned. Tough guys.

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