Make It a Challenge

     We’ve spent so much time focusing on our comfort and doing what’s easy and soft, why not try the opposite? Instead of focusing on how many drugs you can take, focus on how much pain and reality and real life you can take.

     Think of it as the ultimate challenge, and we all know how much we hate losing things. As pathetic as we may be, we are still stubborn and obstinate and want to win. So make it a challenge, and know that with each problem we face, our character grows, we get stronger, and we build a reservoir of peace, freedom and relief. Make it your new form on intoxication, knowing that those who do this are strong and courageous. And since we are so self-seeking, know that these types of people are admired by others, and are considered quite a bit more attractive than emaciated junkies or falling down drunks.

     I remember having this attitude of like ‘bring it on’, back when I first grabbed onto this thing because I knew that I was only freeing myself more and more by walking through stuff, whether it be fear, pain, exhaustion, tough days, jobs, work, people, the world, you name it. Walk right into it. Face the shit out of it. That’s what living spiritually really is. It has nothing to do with ease and comfort and rapture. And it certainty has nothing to do with getting high.

     Be the opposite of what you were. And yes, there is actually a high to it because it’s such a fucking novelty for us to do what’s right, to do what’s tough and uncomfortable but necessary to our well-being or the well-being of others. Do it even out of spite if you have to, or to prove to yourself that you’re not going to lose this competition, that you’re not going to let anything get the best of you.

     Challenge yourself to see how much soberness and reality and pain and discomfort you can take and then one day you’ll wake up and you’ll be free. You will know peace and serenity. Not only will your drug problem vanish but you won’t even remember who you once were. You won’t just be sober and recovering, all vulnerable and teetering on the edge. You will be an unstoppable force, off and running, living life and doing great things. You won’t even turn your head around to see where you came from because you’ve got too much to do. Nothing will stop you because fear is your new best friend. You welcome it as it increasingly loses power, along with all of your other self-created demons.

     So instead of walking, start running into life’s challenges and you will never know you were ever a junkbox to begin with.

God, give us power…

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