Ever Consider Not Running To Meds?

    Dear suboxone and methadone lovers, not to mention the countless mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and other Godless psychotropics they try to shove down our throats for the pharmaceutical elite:

    I wish I had tried meditating regularly before going to McLean hospital to become a psychiatrist’s slave.

    With our culture in a seemingly terminal decline, so many of us addicts and alcoholics and our poor families have become conditioned and trained to do the easiest but most dangerous thing for either our own or our loved ones’ mental problems, especially when addicts should be doing the absolute least easy thing. The best remedies for us are undoubtedly those that require the greatest amount of work, discipline, discomfort, diligence, courage and personal insight.

     Not only did practicing zen meditation everyday for a year conquer my depression and anxiety, but it completely altered my bio-chemistry, contrary to popular belief. Doctors told me I would forever need medication to maintain balance and live a functional life. They have no clue how much harm they are doing, pumping meds that may cause irreversible brain damage and all but annihilate our personalities, creativity, spiritual capacity and conscious contact with God. These drugs simply put up a brick wall between us and God, as there is little to no access to His power when we’re doped out on such powerful and dangerous poisons. Do we want to be free, or do we want to be a lab rat or a guinea pig that some dissociated shrink experiments on to get off and get paid?

     And remember, this is what the powers that be want, for us to be heavily medicated zombies who don’t think for ourselves, who don’t question anything, who conform and do what we’re told like good little slaves. So though we addicts have been a community of sheep, let us instead do what’s in our hearts and make informed decisions.

     Happy Easter. Bless our Lord.

God, please help us…

2 thoughts on “Ever Consider Not Running To Meds?

  1. God is within…putting “medicine” in your body only twists the message that you receive from God.

    I know this sounds stupid but it took me forever to realize that to be happy, I had to do things to make myself happy. Those depression pills, you can't just keep on living an unfulfilling life, then say you're sad, then take some pill that will supposedly make everything ok. That's what the substance abuse was for. You've got to change what you do, and do things that make you happy instead of relying on outside forces to do it for you….

    Thanks for your site.

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