Reward = Not Being An Addict

     The reward in getting better is not being an addict.

     Trust me, acting counter to our old addict self really works. Try it. Try acting normal. Try working hard. Try being busy and productive. Try being a good person and giving to others. Try being honest and strong. Try having courage. Just try living right and you will see that it’s like medicine.

     This is why a spiritual solution works. When we act right, it cures what ails us, as it feeds and nourishes our spirit and fills the emptiness within. What drugs and alcohol falsely provided us, acting right actually does provide.

     Right action also replaces our addiction with something powerful. Action is powerful stuff. There is energy in action. And ripple effects. Doing right begets more doing right, and things being to grow up all around us. I personally had to stop thinking and theorizing so much and just begin doing things – healthy, productive things. Putting one foot in front of the other year after year has given me a life and a purpose and a family. I have built a life for myself not by talking in therapy or studying academics or reading self-help books or taking medications, but simply by taking action.

     Action is the only solution there is. And we get the power to act from God. Pray for it if you don’t have it. So I don’t take credit and I don’t thank myself for anything I’ve done. I thank the source of ALL power, which is God. Trust me, if we get better and build lives for ourselves, we shouldn’t pat ourselves on the back. We didn’t do it.

God, please give me the willingness and power to act right…

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