Disease of Alcoholism/Addiction = Disease of Selfishness

     90% of all search phrases that appear on my stats page are some variation of the same theme:

Alcohol selfishness
Alcoholics are selfish
Alcoholics are so selfish
Alcoholism and selfishness
Why are alcoholics so selfish?
Do alcoholics realize how selfish they are?
Why do alcoholics become so selfish?
Alcoholics don’t care
Alcoholic victim mentality
Are alcoholics selfish? 
Why are drunks so selfish?
Does drinking make you selfish?
Recovering alcoholic self-centered
Why don’t alcoholics give a shit if they hurt people?
Why don’t alcoholics care when they hurt people?
Do alcoholics care when they hurt us?
Do alcoholics use people?
Addiction and selfishness
Selfish addict
Are drug addicts really selfish?
Are people with addictions selfish?
Do drug addicts use people?
Why do addicts act like victims?
Why are drug addicts so fucking selfish?
What makes addicts selfish?
Why does addiction make him selfish?
Are addictions selfish? (uh, yup.)
Addicts are so selfish
Why do addicts become selfish?
Do drugs make you selfish?
Addiction is selfish

My addict husband is so selfish
Why is my addicted boyfriend so selfish?
Why are they so selfish?
Does alcoholism lead to selfishness? 
Junkie selfish

Crackheads are selfish
Does crack make you selfish? (hahaha)
Is meth seflish (huh??? )
Selfish in recovery
Selfish even in recovery
AA is selfish
Untreated, unrecovered, piece of shit selfish alcoholic
Addicts are selfish fucks
Addicts & projection
Drugs make you selfish
Why do drug addicts hurt the ones they love?
Are all alcoholics selfish?
So hurt by alcoholism
Alcoholics are cowards
and the list goes on…

     So, um, I think alcoholics and drug addicts have a problem with selfishness, don’t you?

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