Academics Are Useless

     “Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill

     There is nothing more useless than an academic. Well, perhaps a few things, but not many.
     Even though I am a drug addict, I always blew through school. I packed my brain with book after book and remembered practically everything I heard, read or saw. I wrote essays an hour before class and memorized text books front to back so I could walk out of exams thirty minutes before everybody else… and yes, even when I was high, though I’ll admit I didn’t do quite as well during my falling down drunk phase.

     The point is that being obsessed and preoccupied with academics and whizzing through school got me absolutely nowhere – less than nowhere, in fact. Relying on my intellect to improve my life and become successful landed me in detox at the age of 28 – emaciated, broken and hopeless.

     NO, I’m not saying that knowledge is useless. I’m saying that focusing solely on intellectual pursuits is an empty proposition, for me anyway. Nothing changed in my life (whether recovering from addiction or having financial success) until I began to simply do certain productive and beneficial things day after day – like working hard, praying, meditating, exercising, writing inventory, helping my family, working with other alcoholics, speaking to groups, etc.

     My success in recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction, my success in creating a family and a business and whatever else I’ve done that is worthy has practically nothing to do with all the shit I’ve learned (except what I have taught myself and learned on my own), which is especially disturbing given the powers that be seem bent on telling the youth how worthless they are without a college degree and oh by the way, here’s 200k of debt from JP morgan in order to get one… but neither party cares of course, as the loan is backed by the government and never to be forgiven in bankruptcy court should you find yourself unable to get a job in our State/Fed-ruined economy.

     It seems to me that perseverance, entrepreneurship and perhaps some financial IQ are worth considerably more than an overpriced liberal arts degree, especially for the next generation. But at any rate, it was through consistent right action that God blessed my life, restored me to sanity, got me from A to B, cultivated this connection or that connection, landed me here, landed me there, and now suddenly I can look down on my life and say,

     Holy shit, I’ve gotten somewhere…

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  1. Isn't it funny that you can go from kindergarten to graduate school and never be required to take a class in personal finance?

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