Addiction Is a Moral Failure, Obviously

     Everybody knows that using drugs is wrong…

     Let’s get something straight. Addiction is without question a moral failure. Why do people freak out when they hear that? It doesn’t have to be such a big deal. It doesn’t mean you’re the worst, most evil thing to ever trod the earth. It just is what it is. But hey, for all those who think addiction has nothing to do with morals, please allow me to explain the following fact:

     If I lose my moral compass, I will relapse. Fact. My moral compass (which is God) is the only thing keeping me sober. Fact. Yes I was restored to sanity, but 9 years later, the only thing keeping me sane is that fact that I care about what I do. I care about the effects of my actions. The minute I stop caring about consequences is the minute I get sick and eventually relapse. And when we stop caring about consequences, what else is that except for a moral failure?


     You cannot maintain a state of recovery without a moral compass that is alive and well within. That is a fact. If you can do the wrong thing and not give a shit about hurting others and somehow stay sober, then you’re a sociopath or a psychopath, and in that case, you’ve got bigger fish to fry than alcoholism.

     Mutating myself into an addict was a moral failure. Drinking and using repeatedly until I crossed that line, broke my body and became an alcoholic/addict was a moral failure. Drinking and using excessively whether you’re an addict or not is a moral failure. Continuing to remain an addict and failing to look for a solution to stop hurting others and to stop killing myself is a moral failure. Being presented with a solution and failing to employ it is a moral failure. Acquiring a solution and getting better and then relapsing is a moral failure. Regaining the power of choice and regaining one’s moral compass and then using again is a moral failure, obviously. Using or doing anything once I’ve lost control of it is a moral failure. Doing anything that causes pain or harm to self or others is a moral failure.

     There is just no getting around any of that.

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