Why Are Humans So Damaged?

     Why are we humans so sensitive emotionally, psychologically, socially, spiritually, you name it?

     Perhaps it’s because we don’t accept ourselves, because we feel ashamed of being human, having a human body and mind, with all sorts of natural imperfections. We feel ashamed of simply being who and what we are, which is so sad as it’s totally beyond our control. We cannot change the fact that we are human.

     So to become untortured by our physical and mental reality, it might help to a) stop thinking and just be where we are, as neither the past nor the future exists, b) live deliberately and mindfully as in nature, totally lost in the moment – think Emerson’s transparent eyeball from his essay Naturec) stop wanting or expecting to be anything more than who and what we are, and d) simply realize what we are, which is human, and relax about it.

     Nothing is perfect except imperfection.

God, teach me how to better love and accept myself, that I may let go…

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