Textbooks Can’t Help Speedballers

     Textbooks can’t help speedballers. You can’t think, know, prescribe or lecture your way out of the mental obsession. That’s what it means to be an addict. That’s what addiction is. It is an insanity that comes on and takes over. So if your doctor told you that science can prevent you from shooting heroin and cocaine, you need to stop drinking the Kool Aid, and fast before you die.

     Intellectuals should do drug addicts a favor and stay in the classroom pretending like they actually do something, because when it comes to say, speedballing, the only chance you have is to listen to the people who actually have the illness of addiction, who have embarked on a rigorous program of spiritual action, and who have recovered completely from a seemingly hopeless condition of mind and body.

     Intellectuals, doctors and the like will never be able to help a miserable crack addict or chronic intravenous speedballer. They don’t know what to do because they don’t know what they’re dealing with. They think they know what they’re dealing with, but they don’t. They have no clue. They just sort of blab on and on and on… and then prescribe something. That’s all they know – prescribe more drugs and go to therapy. And what could be more contrary to a solution for drug addicts than more drugs and more talking?

     Personally, I recovered by getting out of my head, out of the textbooks and theorizing. I simply acted. Good things happen to those of us who work hard. That I’m convinced of, aside of course, from outside forces such as government and central bankers that screw everything up and are hell bent on transferring your wealth into their own do-nothing hands. But besides the moral degenerates who run/ruin the country, all we can do is continue to work hard and take action everyday, and as such, we may get somewhere.

     Chronic speedballers have no chance in hell with conventional methods. Group therapy and role play about mommy and daddy isn’t gonna cut it. Having an NA sponsor whose only advice is “go to meetings” isn’t gonna cut it. Substitution drugs and antagonist injections aren’t gonna cut it. Substituting one science project for another isn’t gonna cut it. Listening to the Ivy League boys at McLean isn’t gonna cut it. Following someone who has zero experience with the mind of an addict isn’t gonna cut it. Chronic speedballers need one thing only, and fast before they die:


God, please help those who suffer become so hopeless that they finally reach out to You…

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