Boy, Have We Lost Our Way…

Haha, wow… someone just searched for: “12 Step posters without God.”

That’s like saying,

Can I have a car with no engine?

Can I have a pair of lungs that can’t breathe?

Can I have a heart that doesn’t beat?

Can I have a body with no soul?

Can I have a bottle of medication with no medication in it?

Can I have a solution without the actual solution?

Can I get a Big Book without the word “God” anywhere? Sweet, thanks.

Actually, can I just get a blank Big Book? Perfect, thanks.

Can I have a big, bright 12 Step poster to stare at but never actually do any work on myself? Thanks, that’d be great.

Can I just please get the miraculous power of God to heal me and lift my addiction without having to ever believe in Him, admit His existence, or have any humility whatsoever? Gee, that’d be so awesome. Thanks!

Boy, have we lost our way…

P.S. Here’s a little wake-up call for everyone out there sipping on the fed/cnbc Kool Aid. Please be advised before you lose your shirts all over again. Recovery a not-so-amusing hoax… The Retail Death Rattle. You also want to be careful not to drink Piketty’s economically delusional Kool Aid as well, unless of course, you want to, like the French, completely annihilate the economy and drive capital as far away as humanly possible. And I suppose you could peruse this one as well, just for good measure… The Federal Reserve’s Murder of the Middle Class

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