Why Alcoholics Drink and Addicts Use

Is there a reason why alcoholics drink and addicts use?

     Nope. Sorry. There is no specific reason. There is nothing you can fix or change to stop us. I know it would be easier for us to blame someone or something, or for our parents to rationalize why we are doing what we’re doing, but the truth is that reasons don’t actually exist, except in the form of bullshit we try to feed you to continue drinking and using the way we want to. The same two people can be thoroughly abused while one becomes a junkie and the other becomes a great success. The same two people can be thoroughly loved while one becomes a great success and the other becomes a junkie.

Here are the only two reasons:

     It’s pretty simple. We drink or use either because we are afraid to feel human (to face the challenges and suffering that everybody else has to deal with in life), or because we simply love to drink or use. There is no deep-seated reason behind it. Some of us are just childish, irresponsible idiots and we love getting high. Some of us are just plain selfish and don’t care about our lives, our responsibility as human beings, and those who love us. We just don’t care. That’s all. No reason.

A few more questions.

Is it wrong to become an addict? 

     Yes, absolutely. You don’t just become an addict nor are you born an addict. You mutate yourself into one all on your own, fueled by little more than selfishness. Yes it’s a disease, but it’s a disease that we give to ourselves (by using too much).

Is it wrong to use, even once we’ve crossed over that physical and mental line and can no longer control it?

     Yes. It is wrong to drink alcohol and use drugs.

Is drinking the same as using? In other words, is alcoholism the same as drug addiction?

     Yes. They are the exact same thing. Addiction is addiction and crosses all lines, regardless of substance. All substances act on the same dopaminergic reward system in the brain, and thus there is no distinction whatsoever, other than flavor. Some addicts and parents believe there is a difference, or that one is worse than the other, but that is incorrect. If you are addicted to one thing, you are addicted to them all, and our deranged behavior falls along the same spectrum. Different at times, but all on the same spectrum. You can’t believe the shit you hear from addiction specialists, therapists, and especially doctors, which is surprising given their level of education. I guess it wouldn’t be too atrocious then to question the education itself.

God, please light a moral fire inside every alcoholic and drug addict in the world…

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