How to Stay Sober Forever

Saw this search phrase last night: ‘Most addicts never stay sober forever.’
     Yup, and guess why?

     Because less than 1% of them actually give their whole selves to the Steps. Any addict who gives 100% to this process will never fail.


     Because what happens with someone who gives their whole self and their whole life to the Steps is that they have chosen to put their spiritual health and God above all else, above not simply drugs and alcohol, but above everybody and everything. If you actually do that, you will stay sober forever.


     Because if you have done that, then all you care about now is your sanity and your relationship to God. A fire has been lit within. You now do whatever you need to do to be okay.

     If you need to pray, you pray. If you need to meditate, you meditate. If you need to write inventory, you write inventory. If you need to read inventory, you read it. If you need to make an amends, you make an amends. If you need to pay someone back, you pay them back. If you need to make something right, you make something right. If you need to help someone, you help someone. If you need to help yourself, you help yourself. If you need to exercise, you exercise. If you need to make a change, you make a change. If you need to leave a relationship or a job, you leave a relationship or a job. You do what you need to do to stay well and close to God. Ignoring your spiritual health is no longer an option. That is what it means to be sane.

     So I guess the millions of alcoholics and addicts out there who relapse at some point were never sane at all. No sane person relapses. That is just a fact. If you are sane, you have no more need, desire, obsession or compulsion to use. That’s why we say you’re either recovered or not at all. Trust me, there is every difference in the world. There are those who give their whole lives to God, and those who don’t. Those who don’t, fail. Or to put it more inclusively, those who don’t give their lives to growing spiritually, fail. And those who do, never fail. They never relapse.

      So my question is, why don’t all of the millions of addicts who can’t stay sober just give 100% to the Step process, 100% to their spiritual, mental and physical health, 100% to God? The solution to addiction is that simple and that free. The only addicts who fail are those who don’t want to recover. They are too selfish to give themselves to anything other than drugs and alcohol. They refuse to give anything up or make any sacrifices. Their failure to recover has NOTHING to do with anything outside of them. Nothing can be blamed but themselves.

     And if you listen to doctors, psychotherapists and pill pushers, than I can’t help you. Nobody can. If you’re going to take a bunch of pills to get better, you might as well just keep drinking and getting high. There is no difference. You’re still crazy. Crazy people don’t stay sober.

     Sane people do.

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