Psychotherapy is Nonsense

     No psychologist or psychiatrist will disagree with you if you walk in and tell them you have a problem. Not only will they immediately reassure you that you do indeed have a problem, but they will continue the fraud, session after session, by conjuring up reasons for your problem. Trust me, if you don’t have a reason, they will give you one. And if there is no reason, they will find one.

     By making up external reasons for self-created problems, there is really no end in sight for all the therapy you will need to work everything out. I love that Mad Men episode when Don calls up Betty’s psychiatrist and tells him that Betty is just becoming weaker and more damaged. So the guy says something like,

     Well Don, we’re really just doing basic psychoanalysis here, but if you really want her to make progress than we’ll have to step it up to advanced psychoanalysis and she’ll have to come in three times a week, double sessions, indefinitely. And it sounds like you should talk to someone too.

     The idea is that everybody needs therapy and/or medication for their entire lives.

     Don chuckles a bit realizing what a fraud this guy is, that he’s just sucking every dollar he possibly can out of him and doing absolutely nothing for his wife. But the real hoax is that there is nothing he can do for her even if he wanted to, because his expertise, as it were, is a farse. Don knows the whole exercise is asinine but continues to cough it up because somehow his poor wife is convinced something is actually taking place on the therapy couch.

     The truth is therapy and pills don’t actually change people. How ignorant to think the soul can be treated medically. Knowledge and medication are great, but they don’t change people. And please, as if my addiction and all my suffering is rooted in something other than me. Nothing that happens to us can be blamed for what we end up doing to ourselves. We make ourselves who we are. We become addicts not because of our lives but because we are a cowards. Falsely attributing my problems to an external source simply allows me to avoid responsibility and gives me some top notch excuses to get high and do all sorts of demented shit.

     Ha! See! See all you assholes! My therapist told me that it’s not really my fault because of wanh, my daddy, and wanh, my childhood, and wanh, I have depression, anger, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, DD-NOS, Bipolar #4a, Bipolar #2b, and oh, don’t forget Generic Clinical Disorders #13a, 22c, 28bs and 43z28turbo…’ 

     Wow. You gotta be kidding me. Guess what? If one of these clowns had just told me to GET OVER IT and take off the diapers, that would have been the best and only advice I ever needed. Watch how easy good therapy really is, even though we never get real therapy when we sit down under some framed degrees: Charlie, get over it. Get over yourself. Stop blaming other people for your problems and stop pretending to be a victim because you’re not. You’re no different than anybody else, and because you’re no different, nobody cares to hear you whine about your life and how unfair it is and how nothing is your fault because of mommy and daddy and blah, blah, blah. 

     Look, my father was no angel. He was a severely depressed binge drinker who flew into abusive rages, but do I blame him for anything? Nope. Is anybody or anything outside of myself to blame for my addiction or anything else I’ve suffered in life? Nope. Until addicts figure this out, there is no getting better. Trust me, adopting this kind of attitude is what saved my life.

     I guess I just don’t see any difference between a psychotherapist and a good friend who’s willing to be honest with me. But hey, if you want to pay someone to be your friend, don’t let me stop you… though isn’t it a bit cheaper to just call up your buddy for a cup of coffee?

     Perhaps psychiatry/ology, similar to mass media, government, central banks, public schooling – common core etc., is but another tool to cripple the population. Make everybody believe they have a myriad of problems and medicate them to the hilt. Is that not the goal? No one can deny that the explosion in mental illness and psychiatry in America astutely coincided with the explosion in pharmaceuticals… but also with the climax of American power and an increasingly bankrupt and despotic government. I realize that sounds rather devious, but do yourself a favor and just think about it before you blow 250 bucks just to shoot the shit and have your brain re-wired by one of these Ivy League jokers.

     And if you can find one single shred of hard science behind what these guys do, I’ll send you a lollipop. Better yet, tell me that psychology or psychiatry is an actual science and I’ll sell you a bridge in California. These guys have no idea what they’re doing and no idea what these powerful psychotropics are really doing to people 😉

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2 thoughts on “Psychotherapy is Nonsense

  1. I agree, psychotherapy is sentimental drivel that lacks scientific verifiability. Of course some people will feel better if they have someone they can talk with but there is no clear evidence that the content of therapy conversations actually matters so it's mostly just a \”hey, finally someone listens to my problems. now i feel better\”-effect.Psychotherapeutic knowledge itself is for a very large part opinion-based matter of interpretation and therefore semiscientific at best but most therapists are naturally denying this for very obvious reasons.

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