Another Slogan That Contradicts Its Own Program

     “If you’re gonna drink, call your sponsor…” – or something like that.

     Guess what?

     If calling somebody when you want to drink can prevent you from drinking, then celebrate because you’re not an alcoholic! It is great news and you should be thrilled! Alcoholics, on the other hand, have lost the power of choice. I’m not trying to be a dick but that is how AA itself defines an alcoholic. It is the fundamental principle of AA. It is the first step of alcoholics anonymous – that we are powerless.

     Alcoholics are either totally insane and have no power of choice, or they are recovered, meaning they have the power of choice back, they have willpower. There is no in between. You’re either completely okay or not at all. I suspect only recovered people who’ve been touched and had a psychic change will know what I mean by this. And believe me, I wish with all my heart for everybody who suffers to do the work and have this experience in order to save themselves and give peace to their families.

     At any rate, most of the people in AA today aren’t actually alcoholics, meaning that they have the power of choice. They can stop drinking and stay stopped on their own willpower, and while nobody’s denying they may have some kind of problem with drinking, they are not alcoholics. Alcoholics cannot stop or stay stopped on their own will. Alcoholics have lost the power of choice. You’re either one way or the other.

     I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people in AA say how calling their sponsor and going to meetings keeps them sober. The truth is that while they are obviously welcome to go and God bless them, none of them actually need sponsors and meetings to keep them sober because they’re not alcoholics. They can exert their willpower and choose not to drink and thus, they don’t really need AA at all.

     Alcoholics, on the other hand, have zero willpower. That power needs to be restored, and I can assure you that no person, phone call or meeting can perform such a task. Power, once lost, must come from its original source, which is God. Hey, don’t yell at me, this is what your own program says. This shit is straight from Alcoholics Anonymous, which is the Big Book.

    So the people in AA who relapse all the time are probably the only real alcoholics in the room, given that most people in AA don’t actually employ the very program they subscribe to, which would involve rigorously taking Steps and making it their lives. So if you can’t stop, then why not go ahead and put God first before anything else? How can you go wrong when you stand to lose nothing and gain everything?

God, please give other addicts a glimpse of You, that they might see what they’re missing…

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