Don’t Blame Your Genes!

    After having exhausted quite a few topics, I have to procure ideas where I can, like other blogs and articles, specifically blogs and articles that don’t understand the nature of addiction. Just read some post about a doctor who essentially absconds the addict from any responsibility because “Nobody chooses their genes.” And then you have another guy convinced that no child wants to be a drug addict. Um, yeah they do. Wanting to use is what made us addicts. We love to use. In fact, that’s all we want to do.

     But let’s focus on the doctor (one of many, I suspect) who asserts that the act of becoming a drug addict has NOTHING to do with bad choices or even so much as a crack in one’s moral compass. DNA can and is to be blamed for EVERYTHING an addict does, from the very first drink, all the way down to a lifetime of broken hearts, abuse, deception, manipulation, pathological selfishness and spiritual destitution.

    Oh man, you poor parents. I can’t believe that your first line of defense is going to talk to a doctor or other academic about addiction. None of them can think outside of a text book, painting this picture of addiction as some complex disease, originating in a genetic anomaly. Then you’ll probably get a few nuggets about the neuroscience of addiction the intriguing notion of dual-diagnosis. The end result is you get dumbed down and infected with the clever idea that you need a myriad of treatment and pharmaceutical options from which to pawn through, trying each and every one until you’ve found something that will at least keep your addict zombified enough to mitigate the need to buy heroin on the street.

     There is no evidence whatsoever that you are born an addict. Have you ever seen somebody just wake up and suddenly need crack? Sorry to be facetious, but you don’t just blink and suddenly you are a full-blown jam sandwich. You have to drink or use a bit before you actually break your body to that point. Yes, that is facetious, too, because you have to drink and use A TON before that happens. We put a lot of effort into becoming addicts, let me assure you.
     So the hundreds and hundreds of times I drank and used drugs before actually stepping over that line and becoming a drug addict was my DNA? My DNA was responsible for all those times? Nothing at all to do with me? Nothing at all to do with the person I am, the person I created after being born? Nothing to do with the piss poor choices and the gaping hole in my moral compass? Sorry, but you gotta be kidding me.

     I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that doctors pump this stuff given they are so beholden to the Establishment. Normally I would reserve this sort of logic to addicts themselves, but for an intellectual to obfuscate and sophisticate something as much as an addict does, well, that doesn’t bode well for you or your addict.

     Your genes don’t make you an addict. Your genes don’t pick up the bottle, swallow the pill, sniff the coke or shoot the dope. Saying that your genes are responsible for your addiction is about as much of a disservice to addicts as saying that relapse is part of recovery. That’s great. Let’s give addicts the only excuse they will ever need to do anything they damn well please. This is exactly the kind of thinking that will get you killed.

     Millions of people have at one time or another found themselves becoming dependent on a substance, and they, because they are not hyper-focused on self and obsessed with self-comfort, do the work that needs to be done to prevent themselves from becoming an absolute deadbeat. At some point, there is simply no excuse for an addict to continue being a addict, especially when there is a solution that can suck the mental obsession right out of you like a snake.
God, teach us to see things for what they really are…

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