Why Service Works

1) Because when we go to help another addict, or anyone for that matter, we are bringing God into the room, as well as into ourselves and perhaps the other person. When we do anything that expands the presence of God within, it heals us, calms us, and makes us sane.
2) Because when we are selflessly engaging with someone, or say, speaking to a group of parents or addicts, we are NOT thinking about ourselves. It sort of blocks us from selfish thought and self-preoccupation, which is precisely what makes us and keeps us spiritually ill. Not only that, but we just feel like shit when we are totally self-absorbed. However, when we are present with someone in an effort to help them, our minds are empty. Sure we may be using our brains to express ideas or anectdotes, but this is a healthy form of thought, one of the few that exist. Most of the time thinking just causes us suffering, at least it does for addicts.

     An empty mind is the key to freedom and inner peace, but when we begin thinking too much, mental clutter begets more clutter, and then suddenly we’ve become a hoarder with all sorts of self-created problems. The emptier a mind, the fewer the problems. I used to work in a kitchen, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 150 senior residents for 8 hours straight. I was so busy that all 8 hours went by and rarely did a single thought enter my head about anything other than what I was doing in the moment. Pure freedom. I loved that job. If our minds are empty or other-centered, it really doesn’t matter what we are doing.

3) Because it repairs our soul. Working with others heals us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps even physically. Why? How? For one, you are helping others to change, which changes the world. Since we are all inter-connected and made of energy, when someone is altered, the world is altered. In fact, the entire universe is altered, and this shift in the energy of the person you are working with will also have an effect on you. And that’s not fluff, that’s science.

4) Because it helps us to grow and become stronger, thereby adding to our reservoir of relief and sanity, as the act of helping someone or speaking publicly requires us have courage and to step outside of ourselves.

5) Because it lifts us up inside, which is perfect for drug addicts and alcoholics who always need to feel good.

6) Because it sets in motion the law of cause and effect, so any selfless action all but guarantees a good return.

7) Because it is the antithesis of being a selfish drug addict.

God, please bring me the opportunity to help others…

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  1. You do an amazing job of helping others. I feel very blessed to have read your book and learn from you. I really can't thank you enough.

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