Wait, Our Genes Should Excuse What?

So our “genetic predisposition” should just excuse…

     Ripping your heart out?

     Being proud that our clever lies and deceptions have worked on you so well?

     Making up stories without so much as a thought of what they might do to others?

     Becoming verbally abusive and fabricating arguments out of thin air because we need an excuse to leave in a huff because we’re going into withdrawal and need to go pick up?

     Satisfying ourselves in any way we want and at all costs, even if we leave a trail of victims and broken hearts behind?

     Never being accountable or taking responsibility for anything, ever?

     Never helping, giving, serving, pitching in, being useful, contributing, creating or producing anything?

     Sabotaging every opportunity others have given their time and effort to create for us?

     Burning bridges willingly and with no guilt whatsoever?

     Leeching off of taxpayers for handouts like food stamps and methadone when we are perfectly capable of working even a menial fucking job out of principle because taxpayers shouldn’t have to support our selfishness problem?

     Stealing money, racking up debt and not paying a cent back to our creditors?

     Thinking that we are special and unique and different and no one suffers like we do and therefore we have the birthright to drink and get high as much as we want?

     Acting like nobody understands, like we are victims, and like the world and everybody in it somehow owes us something?

     Not having any purpose other than pleasuring ourselves and remaining comfortable?

     Mutilating and abusing ourselves?

      Denying that we are anything but complete cowards, refusing to doing anything that might be incompatible with our ever-widening comfort zone, such as growing up?

     Or any other selfish and asinine thing we ever do…

     … just because we may or may not have a genetic predisposition to drink alcohol?


     Oh, and anyone out there pumping the ‘blame our genes’ thing, have you actually seen the science, looked into a petri dish and observed the alcoholic allele with your own two eyes? And even if you have observed the DNA of a generational alcoholic, which you haven’t, would you even have the slightest clue what you’re looking at?

     Yup, that’s what I thought. 

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