So my job is to tell you the truth and help vaporize the pile of bullshit you’ve been fed, swallowed and stored up in the attic. What I won’t do is lie to you, try to sound smart, or ramble on about shit I know nothing about like your average therapist, addictions counselor, psychiatrist, academic, intellectual, meeting goer, keynesian economist, news anchor, politician, president, government agency, methadone clinic, etc. etc. etc.

     I could, however, use a little help with the parents. I can handle the drug addicts and alcoholics but, truth be told, I can’t understand POAs as much as I wish I could, as I have no direct experience with that and I’ve never been deceived and spiritually tortured by anyone to that degree, other than myself of course. Where the heck is Notmyboy? She nailed it and was a fantastic writer. Parents absolutely need to read her and learn from her.

     I used to only censor straight up hate speech, and even that only happened once or twice, but I’m becoming more and more inundated with emails and comments and I don’t have the time nor do I care to read and publish all of the nonsense. I truly hate bickering with others. It is so toxic. Trolls are so good at trying to suck you in, and everybody knows that misery loves company.

     I try not to stereotype, but I will say that the ibogaine folks appear to be somewhat nuts. I did some research for that post and observed them on various forms becoming totally unraveled. Many of them were hysterical, incoherent, verbally abusive. Maybe I’m missing something, but they all seem unstable and rather touched. I personally know a few people who took acid and went nuts permanently, ending up in asylums. It’s almost as if these guys are sort of perma-tripping.

     Here is a portion of a recent comment from an ibogaine lunatic and obvious troll, “I guess I was mistaken in thinking your blog was about helping the still suffering addict. Seems you have other motives. Funny too since your post doesn’t mention anything about propping up a fragile ego or profiting from the suffering of others. I am referring to your making money selling “recovery” as you call it.”

     And then you get blessed souls like this, Looks like someone has been doing their research. I appreciate that fact! Love that you know the TRUTH…not just spiritually, but in regards to the realities of this physical realm as well. God has done tremendous work in you and look how He’s able to use you to speak TRUTH into other’s lives as well. We are surely in the last days…darkness is growing darker and the light is getting lighter. God said he would bring all things to light and the enemy’s lies, deceit and hidden agendas are being revealed. Thanks for all you do brother! Keep it up…you truly are in the Army of God!!!”

     Let me mention a few things just to clear it up for all of the losers out there. See Why I Do This for greater elaboration on why I’ve wasted so much of my time writing all of this shit.

     One frequent criticism I get, such as from the above ibogaine troll, is that I’m just selling books and profiting off of the suffering of others. Lol. Classic. What a cop out. You could say that about anything and anyone. Jealous types are doing this quite a bit now in this country. Thanks to the disgusting propaganda from the powers that be, making money is now considered evil, and in America of all places, where free enterprise and freedom to excel is EXACTLY what built this country and made it great.

    But don’t fret, because there is no profit in this. There is no book deal. There is no glory in publishing my dirty, humiliating past and my experience as a selfish, deranged, disgusting drug addict. There is no glory is exposing my endless failures, and my eventual path to recovery.

     Doesn’t this guy know that the only people who make money writing books these days are vacant celebrities, soft pornographers, sociopathic presidents and politicians, and x-chairsatans of the federal reserve? Guys like me who self-publish books through don’t make money, so I hate to disappoint you. But oh the brutal irony of an addict complaining about someone making money after robbing our mothers and fathers and God only knows who or what else because we refused to lift a finger unless it involved a pipe, bottle, needle or straw. So ridiculous. What a bunch of whiny socialists we’ve all become.

     Addicts and those with a similar fiber tend to believe the manchurian propaganda out of Washington that successful people are all evil and should be hung up and robbed blind, which is, of course, a loser mentality, for we are the ones who leech and suck and feed off the sweat, perseverance and ingenuity of others. If self-proclaimed victims (addicts, etc.) actually produced something and weren’t jealous and dependent on the very people they hate and are jealous of, I guarantee you they wouldn’t be repulsed by the notion of making money. It’s self-repulsion, to be sure, projected onto those of us who work, create, produce and actually add and give back to the economy and the society as a whole.

     Lastly, one of the more accurate accusations is that I don’t care about recovering addicts. I do care, but only to the extent that you get yourself better to provide relief to your mothers. I care about the people who you are ripping apart at the seams – your parents, spouses, children and siblings. Addicts need to be humbled and then offered a solution that works to build them back up. We are not doormats and I’ve never advocated guilt and self-pity. On the contrary, we take Steps and do this work to stand with our two feet on the ground and to look the world in the eye. We do this work to become confident and strong men and women who can love and forgive ourselves and others, and contribute something useful to the people around us and to the greater, larger world.

     But hey, you know what, maybe I’ll throw a bone to, say, the ones who bash me about my own personal and honest experience going to AA meetings on what is, gee, my own blog, and go to one of the plethora of shitty meetings around here 😉

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  1. Wow, Charlie!!! Thank you. I am humbled and unworthy of your praise, but thank you. I have been planning on getting another blog going for some time now…and I will soon. I think I will try to get my blog open again, if I can. But, I am still here, making my rounds on the blogs and dropping my little nuggets of wisdom (laugh) from time to time.

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