Addict Newsflash: Disease Model Clarification


     Sure it’s a disease and sure we might be sad, but it’s a disease we gave to ourselves by using too much, and about the sad thing, we’re also pretty selfish… and oh yeah, everybody’s sad. There is no way around those two facts. Trust me, we put some time and effort into becoming addicts. The bottle and the needle don’t just suddenly pick themselves up and jam us into oblivion when we are dumbass teenagers using for the first time. We pick them up and use and use until we finally break our bodies and minds and acquire the disease of addiction. Only then do we lose the power of choice.

     None of us are born addicts. We become addicts through a succession of selfish choices. No person, place or thing outside of ourselves is to blame for our addiction. We alone create who we become. Physically, we will die with the allergy to drugs and alcohol. Mentally, we can re-acquire the power of choice and forever be safe from relapse. Personally, I don’t give a shit about drugs and alcohol anymore because I understand how selfish I was, how destructive I was, how much pain I caused those who loved me, how much I was abusing my soul and my relationship with God, and how dangerous it is not to care about the consequences of our actions, in this life and beyond.

     It is only possible to grow and get better once we have taken full responsibility for our addiction, for our self-created ‘disease’. We are to blame no one if we are to free ourselves from the obsession which haunts us. Total honesty and total responsibility. That’s just how it works.


2 thoughts on “Addict Newsflash: Disease Model Clarification

  1. Your right about using and using over and over again when we were young gave us the addiction.
    You might be surprised at how many alcoholics I know that don't get that. They still insist that defective or mutant genetic material did it. Once they realize they had a hole in their life and that alcohol could never fill it, I think they will find peace. No one medicates themselves to the point of becoming an addict unless their is something wrong with them spiritually. That something on the inside is not right.

  2. Agree entirely… and very well said – 'No one medicates themselves to the point of becoming an addict unless there is something wrong with them spiritually.' Perfectly stated. Be well, Mark, and God bless you.

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