Hard is Good, Easy is Bad

Quote from, Neutral = ReverseMay 24, 2012:

     “Let me assure any addicts out there that the harder thing to do is without question the better thing. Easy is bad for alcoholics and junkies. Easy is what we do. Easy is like our personal code or creed. Easy is our religion. Just like selfish is. But hard is good for us. If I’m not challenging myself, it’s all over.”

     Sorry, and not to bash your hopes for some miracle cure, but there is no easy way to recover from addiction. That being said, it is actually very simple. It requires that the addict become willing to change and to work. If an addict refuses to lift a finger, even if the addict will give 99% but not 100%, there is a 100% failure rate. But if the addict gives 100% to growing spiritually and getting rid of self, there is a 100% success rate.

God, please give those of us who love us the knowledge and the comfort they deserve…

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