Intellectuals Are Clueless

     Oh the stupidity and the hubris of non-addict ‘professionals’ and ‘specialists’ who think they know with absolute certainty what will work and what addicts should do, as if they somehow understand the workings of addiction simply because they have a position of power and a few textbooks jammed inside their heads.

     The reason non-addicts fail so miserably to help drug addicts is because they think they actually know about addiction and what helps when they have ZERO real world experience. Memorizing textbooks and academic journals or the latest findings from whatever pharmaceutical company doesn’t actually mean you know what you are talking about. Do we not see how ridiculous it is to listen to someone who is really just imagining what it’s like to be an addict and how to treat addiction? 
     You can’t know something you don’t have any experience with. It’s like someone giving parental advice thinking they know what will work for your kids when they don’t even have kids. 
     Non-addict doctors, therapists, social workers, counselors, case managers, teachers, academics and intellectuals have no clue because nothing they say to us has actually been tested in reality. Addicts listen to recovered addicts because they know what works and what doesn’t work IN THE REAL WORLD. 
     In an article about my book last year, some ivory tower prestige argued that they have clinical facts about addiction and that the Twelve Steps are not facts. Let me help everyone understand what facts are. Facts are RESULTS. Facts are people who have recovered entirely from a seemingly hopeless condition. Facts are not people who are drugged up to maintain the facade of recovery and physical sobriety just to make data sets look good, or get parents of your back, or get the doctor paid, or get some drug sold by the pharmaceutical.  
     So please do not be fooled by the Establishment. They are worse than anybody. They are just pretending to know the workings of addiction and then reporting what they imagine as the truth with confidence… like that addicts have triggers and other nonsense that is just factually untrue.
God, please help non-addicts realize their limitations and have some humility when it comes to intellectualism…

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