If You Want To Recover, Reject Selfishness

     People miss the point of addiction & recovery entirely. It has little to do with science or chemistry or genes or how we were hurt in our lives. Sorry. The very cause of the illness is selfishness and the very nature of the illness is spiritual… so the only way to truly recover is to be unselfish and get closer to God.

     In other words, no thing and no one can undo what we did to ourselves. We can only recover from addiction if we have faith and do the work while rejecting what got us into trouble to begin with, which was our self-will and our self-worship, our belief that we can control it and our belief that we can control the world around us.  

     If any addict still believes they can get themselves better, they will never recover. Until we understand that we are powerless and need spiritual help, we will remain quite ill and subject to relapse. 

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