You Really Think Addicts Want To Stop?

     Um… addicts who tell you all dramatically and emphatically how much they wish they could stop and how they wish they weren’t addicts are lying through their teeth. I feel for the parents out there who have to suffer the false hope and bullshit we peddle.

     Lots of stuff lately about the disease model and absconding addicts from responsibility and accountability, that we use because of some past feelings or trauma or something. First of all, everybody has suffered. Everybody. But not everybody mutates themselves into drug addicts. Why does suffering somehow rationalize drug use? Second, we have this idea that all addicts would stop if they could. Hahahaha. Sorry, NOPE. Most of us don’t want to stop at all. That’s why we’re addicts!!! Because we like to use! We want to use. We want to be addicts. Usually when we get all sad and say we don’t, we are trying to manipulate the shit out of you.

     I had no intention of stopping, and in fact, enjoyed becoming an addict. Drugs and alcohol are ten times better once you become an addict. Huh? What?! Charlie, you are so WRONG and STUPID! Okay, fine. Are you an addict? Are you being completely honest? I don’t think so. 
     Drugs and alcohol are better after you get addicted because you become sick without them and then getting your greedy little hands on them when you’re writhing in agony is like dying and going to heaven. There is nothing better than being dope sick and getting more heroin. There is nothing better than having the shakes and swilling down a vodka tonic. That’s the joy of it. The worse you feel physically, the better the drugs are. Conversely, the better you feel mentally, the better the high is. 
     Yes it’s backwards, but it’s true, and that’s because we are fucking lunatics. Please do yourself a favor and read some of these old posts or read my story. No, I’m not trying to sell you my book. Don’t worry, nobody makes any money from self-publishing and self-editing their own books. It’s just a lot of time and work and effort. And if it makes you feel better, I’m actually still in the red from all of the associated publishing costs. I just love to write. I do this because helping others helps me to get better. That’s it.
     People who love to shit on success and those who actually work, create, produce and start businesses are generally those who have failed themselves, have never owned a business and have no respect for human talent, skill, perseverance, innovation and individualism. The people who bash those who produce are people who are dependent. They want everything for free, as if free actually exists, as if free is a right. They like to complain that others have more. They are generally angry types whose primary argument against anyone who disagrees with them is that we are morons.

     Great argument. Sounds kinda like a drug addict.

5 thoughts on “You Really Think Addicts Want To Stop?

  1. I'm so glad there's a place to donate on this wonderful man's blog.
    To support his extraordinary work and service to others is a privilege.

  2. Thank you so much, Liz. I'd love and be honored to speak more. I have done so regionally, but it would certainly be worthwhile to find some representation and carry the message more broadly. God bless you.

  3. God bless you, Charlie, for your constant outpouring of wisdom which has helped me, as a mother, more than you can know. I am grateful to you, and grateful that I have the opportunity to support you, in a small financial way, as you support others in such life-changing ways.

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