Privileged Addict Quotes 3

     This is the third installment following Privileged Addict Quotes and Privileged Addict Quotes 2. Enjoy.


“Hitting bottom occurs when we can no longer lie to ourselves. Getting better occurs when we can no longer lie to others.”

“The reward in not being an addict is not being an addict.”

“I started getting better when I started hearing what I didn’t want to hear and doing what I didn’t want to do.”

“Being recovered has nothing to do with what I’ve learned or read or blabbed on and on about with a therapist. How ridiculous the notion that we can talk our way into recovery, when all addicts do is talk.” 

“Who and what we are is the sum of what we do. We do not talk or study or pill-pop our way into recovery. We act our way in.” 

“Psychotherapy and addiction don’t mix, as the fabrication of reasons is totally counter-productive.”

“Words and ideas are but dormant seeds – devoid of power unless grown and cultivated via rigorous and repeated action…

     … Please stay tuned for the release of Privileged Addict Quotes, which will include every quote from Privileged Addict Quotes 1, 2, 3 & 4 as well as both books.

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