Anybody Can Recover

     I was a selfish, depressed, disgusting, indulgent, narcissistic, alcoholic, heroin addict pig. Today I am recovered.

     Anybody with the capacity to be honest with themselves can recover and go on to live an incredible life. They can become well-respected members of their families and communities. They can love, listen and serve others with distinction. If they do the work, anything is possible. If they give their lives to God, miracles become a near daily event. So the only question is, why not? Trust me, it’s not our fucking brain disease that keeps us from getting better, especially given the fact that we gave it to ourselves and can recover mentally at any point in time. It is the fact that we don’t want to change. It is pure selfishness. Please try to wrap your head around that.

     On another note, I am nobody. I couldn’t care less about the specifics of my self or my identity. I can be interchanged with anybody who has recovered. I do this because my experience as someone who was a hopeless drug addict and then recovered can help others behind me. It can also serve to help family members and spouses understand the illness of addiction, why so many of us fail, and what we really need to do in order to truly recover – to effect real and lasting change.

     So the purpose of the blog and the story I wrote is the same purpose as when I run a group, or speak publicly, or work with other addicts or their families individually. That purpose is to do whatever I can to help others find God. That is the point of the Twelve Steps. That is the point of recovery. That is the point of life. And don’t forget to have some fun.

     I am now actively writing another book with the working title, “Twelve Steps for Anybody.” The first draft is almost halfway done, and I’ll just need some time to edit it. This book will break down the Step process for anybody, addict or not. I hope it will expose this solution and serve as a guide for families, spouses or anybody suffering from anything at all. I am convinced that harnessing these tools can bring about greater health, freedom and inner peace, regardless of what ails you.

     I’ll continue to blog as well, but this book should be my primary focus for the immediate future. Also, we welcomed our little baby girl to the world on Thanksgiving Day. Let me tell you, she is an angel. So I’m on lockdown around here with our two gems and our puppy dog… but I will ring up as many posts as I can and keep you posted as to the progress of the new book.

11 thoughts on “Anybody Can Recover

  1. Dear Charlie, Thank you for all you have done for me. Your blog has been a blessing and I've learned sooooo much! I also print and send to my daughter in hopes she will absorb your wisdom and learn that there is hope… that she can be recovered and have a wonderful life after addiction. I can't wait for your new book to come out!
    Congratulations on you new baby girl! She is beautiful.. God Bless
    The other 'Liz'.

  2. Yes, God is good and all good thing are from and of God. We feel so blessed, Liz. And thank you about the book. Trying to get it out much sooner than TPA took me. I'm writing it at 4:30 am when our toddler gets up… I mean, what else does one do at 4:30??? 🙂

  3. Thank you, Erin! She is such a joy, and calming us all down a bit around here. Thank you about the book/post. It's encouraging and pushes me to get it done, so bless you for reaching out.

  4. Dear Liz, This means so much to me, you have no idea. I would have never continued to do this after the first year or so had it been of little value to others, so thank you for reaching out. And thank you about our little one. She is something. God bless you as well.

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