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     A friend recently sent me yet another article that tries to prove scientifically that right, moral action and/or spiritual development should be replaced altogether as a form of treatment by the plethora of new designer prescription drugs that we now have available to us. As well, they continuously bash AA by misrepresenting the program, while stealing its very essence and trying to attribute it to their own re-named, watered down modalities. Welcome to the new world of moral relativity. See for yourself.

     “NIAAA officials say such [twelve step] programs still hold an important place in alcohol treatment. But they note that newer behavioral treatments try to empower patients instead, and focus on developing skills to stay sober.”WSJ Article – A Prescripton to End Drinking

     Does it not mind-boggle anybody out there that ‘well-educated’ addiction specialists know absolutely nothing about the Twelve Steps, while at the same time flaunting a tone of confident understanding?

     The Twelve Step program of spiritual action does exactly that – empowers you. People seem to think that admitting defeat or powerlessness over a particular substance disempowers the entire individual, promotes low self-worth and self-esteem, and makes us ashamed of ourselves. Wow. I gotta tell ya, that is not very astute or sophisticated, no offense. Yes we admit we are powerless over alcohol, but that is because one might want to begin their recovery without being totally fucking delusional. Second, the admission of powerlessness (besides being a fact of reality) is the very sort of event that DOES empower us. This is how you BECOME empowered, by looking honestly at yourself and by letting go of old patterns and behaviors that have failed you.

     Finally, there is an implication that the Twelve Steps end right there – by admitting we are powerless, worthless, pieces of shit. Um, folks, that’s just the First Step. The rest of the steps are not only filled with hope but they give us several powerful tools and skills that enable us to maintain our sobriety and sanity, that help us grow and become more honest, that help us become stronger and more confident.

     The very criticism of these new-age doctors is the precise opposite of what the Twelve Steps actually are. And as these articles continue to go mainstream, they are infecting addicts and parents alike with false knowledge and suggestions that will surely lead to relapse. The mainstream is claiming that advancements in powerful designer drugs is the absolute best and most cutting-edge form of addiction treatment. Why do you think they pump that message, beside the profit motive?

     In case you can’t figure that out, it is because God and moral action is offensive to them and they want both removed from the conversation altogether. It makes them uncomfortable and makes it difficult for them to engage in self-worship and intellect-worship. Trust me, this will kill drug addicts just as quick as the drugs themselves. But hey, by all means, go trust your doctor and have a ball with some concoction of insane drugs… just don’t be surprised when you or your child relapses and doesn’t change one single bit as a human being.

Merry Christmas.

Thank you Lord for restoring me, for changing my life and giving me all that I have. Everything good that I do is powered by You, and everything good that I have is from You and is You…

P.S. I know it’s difficult for some of us to accept spiritual language and God, but that is exactly why I write about my experience and what ACTUALLY HAPPENED to me. God is not a concept or human construction. Sure we have done that to Him, but trust me, there is an unlimited, mind-bending POWER out there that is capable of anything. There is much, much more going on around us than we can see, hear or touch. This power is indeed, God.

     I don’t tell people how to get there, and that’s because a) who am I (who is anybody) to tell you what to do or to sit in judgment, and b) because we’re talking about drug addiction here, and when someone is totally fucked in the head, you don’t shove doctrine down their throat. You try to get them to just become willing, and then they can begin to heal, grow and strengthen their spiritual foundation from there. One step at a time. Nobody gets better or becomes enlightened overnight.

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  1. How do you really feel Charlie? You are the best!!!! Maybe ignorance is bliss. I don't attend the meetings but I have always thought that the 12 steps were supposed to empower you. I am going through the 12 steps at school and that is exactly what they were teaching.

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