Brief Note to the Trolls

    Not that it really matters, but someone commented the other day on Frothy Emotional Appeal:
     “fucking trash didn’t help at all you are a dick head for this.”

     This poor chap just doesn’t get it. These posts are written to help you. This is a service, and one that I’d be perfectly content to delete and forget about forever. I don’t need to be anyone. I don’t need to accomplish anything. If you are happy and okay, trust me, that is all that really matters. Personally, I am happy and at peace over here in the bitter cold of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, and therefore have no desire or need to tell others what to do.

     I write these posts the way I do because being challenged saved my life and gave my family indescribable peace and serenity. So I write my experience and my truth in a way that is directed towards others who suffer from addiction. The tone of these posts reflects the exact attitude that has enabled me to be recovered for ten years now.

     The fact that I was a horrendous alcoholic and drug addict and am now happy, successful and surrounded by a loving family, it is obvious that what I did and what I’m doing works pretty well. So when you reject this blog and start fuming inside, remember that the guy writing it is free, so you may want to consider the idea that I have at least a partial clue.

     Or you can continue to think the way you want and do what you want. But trust me, if you are a miserable prick, than you are clinging to a failed method or program and simply projecting what’s inside of you onto others to avoid taking responsibility for your character defects and to avoid being accountable for who you are.

     Believe me, there are very few people I care about at all. I am perhaps a borderline sociopath, so be my guest, troll away 😉

God, please make me a better man, help me to be more honest in word, thought and action, and keep me close to You today…

2 thoughts on “Brief Note to the Trolls

  1. Charlie.. keep doing what you're doing.. You have helped so many of us and WE appreciate and love you for it! Honestly, your book and your blogs have been a life line for me.
    Hope you're enjoying your little baby girl!

  2. Thank you, Liz! You have no idea what that means to me. It is pure fuel. Our baby girl is a gem. Totally smitten over here. Great to hear from you, and really, thank you for the words.

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