Methadone Robs You from the Light of God

     I’m sure many of these methadone advocates and methadone addicts are not bad people, it’s just that they don’t understand anything about methadone, let alone the malady of addiction. Just read a story by a woman who rationalizes lifelong methadone use. She writes that at one time she went off of methadone and relapsed immediately.

     Um, yeah, that’s because it doesn’t work, which is, needless to say, a drastic understatement.

     You still suffer from the mental obsession, which can be characterized as recurring thoughts or ideas that do not respond to ration or reason. You still have a broken mind. You still have a chip missing in your methadone saturated brain. You are still completely insane. In fact, you are on a synthetic opiate and therefore you cannot biologically equate being on methadone with being sober unless you enjoy lying to yourself. Methadone is a synthetic opiate that will destroy your body and your life, just as heroin will.

     The blog author who posted this story quotes multiple government-sponsored organizations as if they are accurate sources of information. Lol. As we know, government agencies are infamous for spreading false propaganda, but few lies are as blatant and egregious as the following: 

     “Methadone remains the most effective treatment for opiate addiction.”

     What’s amazing about this quote is that the CDC tries to lie by telling you the lie, by altering reality. This is a well-documented method of concealing lies, corruption and criminal activity by doing it right in the open, thereby creating a perception in the general public that because it’s not hidden or concealed, it couldn’t possibly be criminal, corrupt or dishonest. The lie is shoved in your face, as if you are too stupid to figure it out.

     By equating methadone with opiate treatment, you can’t lose the argument because you’ve never actually stopped taking opiates! Is it just me or are methadone pumpers completely lost? Opiate recovery refers to freedom from opiates, so how is that possible when your recovery is defined by remaining on opiates? More importantly, it refers to regaining the power of choice, and of course, there is no restoration of choice or willpower by the simple act of substituting one opiate for another? If you stop taking methadone and the obsession immediately strangles and suffocates you until you use, how are you in recovery? I don’t get it. Putting a mask over your insanity to deal with your insanity is insane, obviously. Your illness is progressing the entire time and if you don’t die on methadone, the run you go on when you taper will most likely end you, especially given the fact that methadone withdrawal puts heroin withdrawal to shame.

     What sort of precedent is methadone setting, that we as addicts only need to find a way to remain comfortable for the duration of our lives? So legal and rationalized failure is the standard to which we aspire? What about conquering your addiction and leaving it in the fucking dust while you take the world by the throat and have your way with it? How about becoming so strong and solid as a person that you can give back to your family, friends, community, country and world? How about becoming reborn, accessing the Power of God, and going off to serve and effect the lives of countless others.

     Come on, fellow methadone junkheads, DO SOMETHING with your life. Get well enough that you could actually serve as an appropriate example for others. Get well enough that you could actually help someone. Sound advice: If someone tells you that it’s okay to “maintain” on methadone, or even more appalling, if your sponsor is on methadone, you need to run the other way as fast as you can before you continue to rip the hearts out of those who love you.

     Methadone advocates are just as blind. I’m sure many of them are not bad people but they have no idea what they are talking about despite foolishly believing they do. They are wrong yet believe they are right, and for good reason – either they or their loved one is on methadone, or they worship some clueless doctor who pumps methadone at every chance he gets and pretends to back it up with falsified research results.

     You will never touch the light of God on methadone. 

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2 thoughts on “Methadone Robs You from the Light of God

  1. I was so angry when I first read some of the ignorant things written in this article but its not your fault. You are making these bold statements based on your own experience and are clearly assuming that everyone must have the same exact heart, will, options, experiences, and blessings in life to defeat opiates the way You did. You also blatantly assumed that methadone addicts are just living off the goverments money. What state do you live in? It costs me $400.00 a month for my daily dose to function every day. Im 36, and before methadone, i wasted my life in prison, jail, and as a thief trying to make money each day to maintain my habit. On methadone, I was able to stop worrying about a fix cause on the right dose it deters cravings, not to mention it has blockers in it and you cant get high if you wanted to, but i began living a productive life style. I put myself through hair school, more than half way to my associates degree, work a corporate job position for a major hospitality corporation, have a second job ive been at for 5 years and work both as we speak, help my family, my friends, and have done the right thing for ten years Cause i took a step forward. This past year, i have found God and he guides me in every area of my life. God blesses who he chooses friend. I am by no means saying that my health is good because it aint from this crap, but as i had to find out this year, there is nothing that happens in this world without God giving the ok for it to happen and setting us on the path to get there, even if it is methadone for the time being. If your job is to disolve the bullshit you might want to start by getting off your high horse cause there was a time as an addict you were not better than the next. HALF of what your saying Is just That. ANYONE else who is reading this, get some real knowledge and call the clinic your self. Ask the staff the cost weekly and how much medicaid or insurance they take.. the answer is NOnE at most of them. . Here is the phone number. 732 288 9322. Many of the people on here dont have the option to get a state funded bed for rehab or cant get states assistance period due to bad choices they made sometimes 15 years prior like in my case. These people are doing the best they can, and in this state its illeagle to be homeless as well. The lies your fed that it takes a week to withdrawal is just a lie. .hes right there. mamethadone is worse and post accute withdrawals can take up to a year.but what do you expect These people to do? You better hope you have a good support system or a family to help you function in that year or it will be very hard to do laboring jobs to keep your roof over your head or your bills paid dealing with the withdrawal from it. So yeah, if you have a better option, dont go on, but if you are your not a .peice of crap, your a the suffering addict this man should be praying for based on his na principals, not trashing. May God lead you to wjere you need to be, even if its a break from running and on methadone for a short minute.

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