Final Batch of Searches

     I’ve got some more searches for you, but this is the last batch I’ll do, as that should be sufficient to make the point, and if not, then I don’t know. Oh, and because I’m an abusive, greedy, devil-worshipping, egomaniacal asshole, I’ll probably be off for a while to finish my book and spend some time with my family. Plus I’ve got a hernia surgery coming up next week, so, good news for the trolls, or wait… I guess that would be bad news.

privileged blog
drunks selfishness
alcoholics are selfish
mental obsession
privileged addict
victim of alcoholic
victim mentality alcoholics
alcoholic selfish
do the same triggers exist in all alcoholics (lol)
frothy emotional appeal seldom suffices
meeting makers make it
why are alcoholics selfish
are alcoholics selfish (um, yup)
frothy emotional appeal meaning
can you crush latuda (lmfao)
privileged addict
the privileged addict blog
privileged addict victim mentality
recovered vs recovering alcoholic
alcoholic friend hurting me
alcoholics are so selfish
do addicts know how selfish they are
are alcoholics self absorbed and self centered
addicts are selfish
why alcoholics become selfish
spiritual growth bipolar
bipolar and iboga
what is mental obsession
addicts selfish
drug addict mentality
privileged sexual access to married women (huh?)
does an alcoholic realize the hurt he causes others
privileged addict
privileged addict
ibogaine doesn’t work
are alcoholics selfish
addiction mentality
selfish alcoholics
untreated alcoholism
aa sponsorship styles
addict allergy
addict clean for a few days wants to use
addicts are so selfish
victim of drug addict scamming
privileged addict
alcoholics and the people they hurt
living amends
do alcoholics realize how much they hurt us
spiritual life is not a theory we have to live

God, knowing that I failed for so long, please make me a better man today…

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