Uhh, What’s the Point of the Blog?

     One time an in-law asked me what the point of the blog was. Yup, nope, they couldn’t figure it out. Some of us are just a wee bit too short-sighted to understand the point of writing or what I’m trying to do, no offense of course. But for those who need it spelled out, this is the deal:

     First of all, both the book and the blog were simply a response to having children. With suddenly much less time to travel, speak and work with people individually, writing allowed me to continue helping right from home. Second, let me confirm that I myself am the knucklehead addict who I so often refer to generally in these posts. This is simply my experience with what addiction is, what works and what fails.

     Third and most important, the tone and the approach I choose to take is very much a targeted one. I am trying to get all of my fellow addicts and alcoholics out there to fight for their lives, to do this work, to give back the relief we have stolen from those who love us, and to make positive changes in the world by getting well enough to go help others. That’s what all this was about.

    Oh, and I also enjoy writing. I find it meditative and nourishing.

     I am called many things, but let me just address the ego thing. Sure I’m an arrogant dickhead sometimes, but regarding the addiction and recovery stuff, I have a dinky little blog and a self-published book that I’ve only lost money on to this point. That’s not exactly rocket fuel for the ego, hahahaha. I am also the first one to admit how frequently I mess up, how I fail constantly to live up to spiritual principles, and how deeply I am flawed and damaged.

     But you see, that’s the point. This awareness of our problem and of who we truly are is absolutely crucial if we are to be saved. Honesty is crucial. And our journey doesn’t end there. After we become honest, we have to act – day after day, month after month, year after year. That’s what we deserve. More importantly, that’s what our families deserve. That’s what God deserves.

God, please give imagination, sight and wisdom to those who are dull, blind and stupid…

2 thoughts on “Uhh, What’s the Point of the Blog?

  1. I don't understand…..if people do not like your blog why to they read it?

    From my own experience with you although I have never had the pleasure of meeting you, you have selflessly given me advice on Blake many times.

    I have read your blog for quite awhile now, I have read your book a couple of times and I have never gotten the impression that your arrogant. You are passionate about helping – that doesn't make you arrogant.

    Keep fighting Charlie – we need you.

  2. Tori, you are the best. Meeting you would truly be a pleasure.

    One things I've learned is that there must be some degree of willingness. If there is no willingness, there is nothing that can be done for anyone, no matter how much we try.

    But the good news is that all we need to embark on growth is just a tiny bit of willingness. From that seed, anything is possible. From that seed, we can grow into a fountain of strength.

    One thing I really don't know is if willingness can be given or even inspired in other addicts, or must it arise organically? That is the question. I tend to think it must arise organically.

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