4 thoughts on “Do the Opposite of Therapy

  1. I can't wait to get my hands on your new book Charlie! 🙂

    Here is a question for you about your comment that we should do the opposite of therapy. What about those people whose lives have been destroyed by an addict – partners who have been abused in every possible way for many years – codependents I guess you could call us. Do you think therapy is a waste of time for us, too?

    Sometimes I wonder how I am going to pick up the pieces and get my life back.

  2. Thank you so much about the book! Taking longer than usual because of new baby and toddler, but coming along nonetheless.

    So I was talking about addicts and alcoholics specifically. I guess I wouldn't know if therapy wasn't totally useless for non-addicts becuase I am an addict through and through, but I do believe strongly that action and removal of self are ultimately the best things for us. I also know many non-addicts who haven't changed at all after years and years of therapy, but then again, maybe their therapists are just clueless. But if it feels good or provides you comfort, that is all that matters.

    When I write these things, they are directed purely towards addicts and alcoholics, unless otherwise noted 😉

    Bless you.

  3. When it comes to addicts, you kind of have to turn everything around. We're not normal, so what may be appropriate for everyone else, an addict may need the opposite.

    For example, if my sister stole something from me, I might just go talk to her and perhaps even tell her not to beat herself up, but if she was an addict and stole from me, I would probably have her arrested. The first sister may have needed compassion and not to judge herself so harshly, whereas the addict sister needed to be humbled.

    And to note, I've never come across a case where an addict didn't need to be humbled, and in a significant way.

  4. My daughter is coming home in July. She served 1 1/3 years in prison and will live with me and her step-Dad while on parole for another year or so.. I'm hoping prison has humbled her in a very significant way. If she messes up again, I am 100% prepared to report it and she will be sent back. No more fooling around with this shit anymore for me or my hubby. Thank you Charlie, for giving me the strength to what is necessary if it comes to that.

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