Banning Drugs & Socializing Treatment is Useless

     Some people just don’t get it…

     Banning drugs does nothing to curb drug use.

     As well,

     Taxing people for more treatment centers does nothing to increase recovery rates.

     If addicts want to get high, they will get high.

     If addicts want to recover, they will recover.

     This is what clueless sounds like:

     “They should pay for this!” They should pay for that!”

     Who’s they, the government? Um, dumbasses, the government pays for shit with money they tax from the few people still working in the private sector. And when they just print money to pay for shit that they can’t pay for, (deficit spending), it comes from your children, as new currency is borrowed into existence. Most people don’t know this, but our monetary system is literally designed to bleed you slowly over time.

     Anyway, ban oxycontin and we will just start drinking. Ban drinking and we will just start cutting ourselves or something. We will get what we need no matter how much you try to control everything. And where does it end? Who are all of the whiners to endorse just taking people’s money? Who are they to draw the boundaries of our freedom?

     So you can’t just control and ban everything you think is bad, for that sort of power trip lays the foundation for tyranny. I realize the collectivists would love to just tell people what they have to do, what they have to think, where they have to work, what can and cannot be produced, and what can or cannot be on the market, but the truth that is inexplicably lost on them for some reason is that all socialist societies throughout history have collapsed after devolving into impoverishment, massive unemployment, massive dependency, a total loss of freedom, privacy and authoritarian rule. It is an abject failure.

     Obviously, nobody wants poison to be sold or for the earth to be polluted, but that’s not the point I’m making. Freedom and free markets is the only way to go, so long as you prosecute fraud, corruption and criminal activity, which we don’t currently do. In fact, the current mandate is to promote failure and reward fraud and corruption… and then run for office, of course. But we must distinguish between what is an actual threat and what is simply a political movement based on nonsense.

     At any rate, if you just ban and control and tax everybody until they are bleeding out, guess what happens next? Civil unrest. Chaos. Total breakdown. Great job.

     Try dealing with the real world as opposed to the theoretical world. 

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